Solar Friend Corporation

I would like to tell you a story about a company that did things the right way, a company that looked for ways to make its product the best, and its impact on the environment as small as possible.

Now you may be asking yourself, ” Doesn’t this company care about making money?” Well, I can assure you it does. Not only does it care about making money, but it is also succeeding at being one of the most profitable companies in the world.

Now, I know what you’re going to ask next: “How?” Well, sir, that is what this book is all about. A tale that needs to be told of the one company who did right for humanity instead of itself, and made the world a better place in doing so.


Chapter 1

A Fresh Beginning


Now, I want to start at the beginning. So, let’s start with the creator of the company, Jarvin, who is now the CEO. I met Jarvin once, a long time ago, when he was just bright-eyed boy of 16. He was always at the head of the class, and even put our teachers’ knowledge to the test. He would always talk about the future by referencing the science fiction writers of the past. Needless to say, I found this intriguing and I wanted to learn more about this classmate of mine.

So, I talked to him about the only thing I knew,  Apples. My family had an orchard and sold apples at the local farmers’ market. This helped me understand about supply and demand — or so I thought. You see, apples are a finicky business. You have to have them ripe enough that customers will buy them, but not ripe enough that they will begin to rot before the customer gets home. So, every day we would measure our sales and supply, and try to make the correct distribution to the local farmers’ markets. Too much and we would lose money on the apples that went bad. Too little and we would miss out on profits.

So I figured Jarvin might have some insight on this issue. Well, Jarvin did, and he surprised me with his insight into our business. He told me lots about optimization, but the one thing that stuck with me was about the product itself. He said we would need to find a way to improve our crops through natural means, so that each tree produced the maximum amount of apples for minimum cost. This thought had never crossed my mind before, and while I was content to let the trees grow, I knew what he said was revolutionary. But the thing that let made me know that Jarvin was on the road to success was how no one could keep up with him. Not even me. I watched him walk off into the sunset that day, and little did I know  that this was the last time I would see him.


Chapter 2



The perfect company would be one that worked to better itself, not gouge its customers. It would have a robust Research and Development team to make its product more efficient and easier to produce.  They would use this to make the products cost less so more consumers could have access to them. But it’s not just the consumers you have to keep happy. The workforce you employ also has to see the value in the company so they continue to stay and grow with it. Profit sharing and stock options seemed like the best way to make the employees feel valued.

So Jarvin went about working on a floor plan for his new business. Oh, now where has the time gone, I went on rambling and almost completely forgot to tell you what his business is. He created the leading solar power company in the world. The development they did on new solar power cells which are millions of times more efficient than the old have led to more and more houses using solar power as their only source of power. This has help save our country millions in energy expenses.

Chapter 3 the beginning

Now that they had the pieces to make their business, they had to get the backing necessary to make this a profitable venture. Jarvin was lucky in that the first person he approached about the product was looking for just such an opportunity for investment. John was a business owner, who owned a local vegan food company that had recently opened up 15 more franchises across the USA. John new this opportunity would not only bring in profits from Jarvin’s company, but also give him a chance to put cheap solar power on all his buildings, saving his company money as well.

John felt that Jarvin was the right person for the job because of the detailed explanation given on the research and development phase. Jarvin laid out how they had an efficiency goal to meet for his solar powered cells before they started manufacturing them. Once they started to manufacture solar cells, they would continue the research and development to make the product better. They would roll out the new cells as they continued to meet certain power and efficiency goals, and they would work on getting the company powerful tools for their product line to allow them to meet the demand for these products. Once better tools are available the company would purchase these to improve production and performance within the company.

John found the whole conversation very intense and wonderful, so much so that he wanted to get his hands dirty and help build this business anyway he could. Jarvin had the perfect place for him to help, building two departments, accounting and a cafeteria. With John’s business able to provide inexpensive food for his employees it could save substantial amounts. Then with John’s background in finance and accounting he would be the perfect person to help create those departments in an efficient way. It would also help get Jarvin some employee’s that would keep those departments running at peak performance. You see part of Jarvin’s theory was not just creating the business but optimizing it so it would run efficiently without spending money on extras. This would allow the employees and employer to benefit through higher salaries and less time spent on extraneous processes. But this was just the beginning and there is much more to the story of how Jarvin revolutionized solar power.

Chapter 4 first Steps and the storm


Well this part was the hardest part to get information on. From what I was told it was a cloudy day, kind of blue but mostly gray. Oddly enough the weather report said there was barely a chance of rain. This was the day, the day the business started to be built. Jarvin’s workforce had grown by leaps and bounds, there was a construction company building the actual company from the ground up, The specialist who helped to build and optimize the machinery that would run the solar power company, and finally the management team that had been creating jobs and filling them. All these people worked together on this one day. The building was finished except for a few windows and signs. The Machinery was being loaded on to the assembly line floor, the offices where being filled and furnished, and the new employee’s where getting their work schedules. This was truly a glorious day that all started from a simple idea just 2 years ago.

Everyone on this project thought it was going swimmingly but little did they know their troubles where just arriving. Like a hurricane the winds began to blow. The heavens opened up and the rain began to pour down, everywhere the lot turned to mud. It was the storm of the century for our entrepreneurs. The doors to building where still open and the last of the assembly line equipment was not yet loaded into the building. The fresh coat of paint had not yet dried and the sign was left all by its lonesome. It was crisis time for the team.

They knew this could spell doom for the fledgling company. They had to act fast and smart to be able to save the business. Luckily Jarvin had a plan. He moved into action, getting as many people as he could to help move the last of the machinery for the assembly line into the building. They all pushed as hard as they could to help place the machinery where it belonged. He also had all the painters pack up their gear and help out where ever they could. The winds started to pick up and the newly formed company feared the worst.

As the last of the assembly line machinery was moved inside, they only had one thing left their business sign, but the storm of was getting stronger and they fear it might be too late. As they were getting a forklift to move the sign the winds picked up to tornado strength and the giant sign began to move. Shaking a little bit at first and then started sliding with a screeching noise as if it was screaming out in pain. Jarvin knew it was time to get his people to safety. They closed the giant loading doors and found a safe place to wait out the storm that was set on destroying them.

As they huddled together in the building the storm shook and swayed. All the windows vibrated as if to say this will be your grave. The employee’s where scared and the storm would not let up, this really could be the end. The storm grew ever more violent causing the building to moan. This was followed by a giant boom that sounded an explosion of a volcano. Everyone screamed and shook.

As the morning came calm came after the storm. The employees slowly got up from their hiding place to see if it was safe. Jarvin was happy about one thing the building did not leak or break on the inside. As our team began to open the doors and walk out into the sunny morning they could not believe the devastation this storm caused. There were no cars in the parking lot and even the giant sign was gone. As Jarvin turned around to assess the damage caused to the building he saw one giant dent in the shape of a J. It turned out that the giant boom they heard was the sign crashing into the building before it flew away.

This storm caused a lot of damages, the cars where all scattered for miles and the sign was never fully recovered, but the building stood true and the newly formed business could continue. This was the worst night of Jarvin’s life but sun and the new day had a promise of bright future for this entrepreneur.

Chapter 5 welcome to the neighborhood.


The open day was a sunny one filled with children’s laughter and play. The company had decided to do a festival in their parking lot and to invite the whole town to come and see. There was food and fun, a bouncy castle and more. It was a festival the likes of none had seen in this town. They also had tours of their solar power factory.


Chapter 6 The processes


Jarvin had found a way to make this company profitable and at the same time good for the environment. The main department in his company to receive funding was the research and development department. It Had been two months since they started and they were all ready to release their newest solar cell. They Had been able to increase the efficiency by 55% which is why the new cell was being released. This company was still in its infancy so everything was built to order. This quickly separated Jarvin’s company from the competitor’s as they were not able to keep up with this efficiency. Clients started to spread this news by word of mouth about how much more efficient the panels are, and how much they save them in energy costs.
This was not the only thing R&D was doing, they were also research new assembly line machines, and how to build better mounting systems for the solar cell arrays. Major savings where about to show up for both of these projects. The first one to break was the mounting system, they found a way to change the chemical composition of the mounting material to make it sturdier. This also caused the whole assembly to cost less which allowed Jarvin to reduce the price by a percentage of the savings. Not only had this allowed there product to be safer and stronger but it also allowed the product to be one of the most affordable in the market. The people took notice and this little company started to become big overnight.


Chapter 7 Obstacle


The company was now making money at a steady pace, not in the green yet but on the move upwards. Now you might think this is the end of the story but it is just another stop on their road to success. You see outside factors can often change the way your business operates and one such obstacle had just walked through the door. It was a man name Mr. Hog. He was the wealthy owner of a local fracking company that had been in the business for many years. Jarvin was quite skeptical of this man’s motives considering he was in the natural gas business and not solar energy. To Jarvin’s surprise Mr’ Hog offered to buy Jarvin’s fledgling business and assume the debt for a hefty fee. As Jarvin inquired to man’s motives, he kept on insisting that he wants to run the business in conjunction with his natural gas business. He exclaimed how this would give customers and businesses more choice. Mr. Hog went on at length about how this would be the future of energy. Jarvin was not buying any of this argument considering this was a business rival from the energy market. After the conversation concluded Jarvin saw Mr. Hog to the door and gathered his team together.

During this second meeting he assured the team they were not going to sell the business, and let them know that they had to take action to separate themselves from the competitors. One of his team suggested an advertising campaign to help describe the differences between the two companies. This being the most effective way Jarvin agreed and used a small amount of funds for the campaign. It showed that your solar friend corporation, was dedicated to improving its technology to help the environment. That a large portion of ever purchase goes back into research and development to help invent better and more affordable solar cells. Also it showed how they work with their suppliers to make sure all the companies they work with are working towards a better world. Now folks when I tell you this campaign separated them from the competitors, it did just that. It didn’t make them any more popular but it definitely let people know they where nothing like any other company out there. The best part of the whole campaign was that Mr. Hog withdrew his offer to buy the company and would never bother them again.


Chapter 8 The rest of time


Well friend the Solar company had finally got it feet on the ground and it business running. There would be no stopping this new power in solar energy as their constant dedication to R&D allowed their business to become more and more profitable over time. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there, never stop making your product better, always look towards the future and how to make your company a better place. Always make sure what you make is something that helps all of society and doesn’t harm anyone.