What Dogs Must Think of Us

My favorite human is home again,
I hope the rest of the day with me you’ll spend.
Wait, why are you staring at a flashing wall?
Well I can get some free cuddles while I stall,
I hope you remember the things I need,
What are you doing with that meat that smells yummy?
I hope I get some,
Also I think it is ready!
What is the dry smelly stuff instead of your yum?
Whatever it is it is tasty!
Hey human can we play outside?
Why do I have to go back in after I pee?
Back to the flashing wall.
Well I guess it is sleep till fall.

Burning Voices

Its just another day
Our normal is pushed back farther,
It’s just another day
They tell us to work harder,
It’s just another day,
When only their dollar is stronger.
We have to be paid less,
For the good of them
We have to have less healthcare
For the good of them
We have to have less rights
For the good of them.
My heart strings cry
As the people die,
And they pull on my pride,
But to no false flag,
Our fight is out tag,
But their remorse lags,
Have they not seen
The hearts stopped from a beating?
Have they not seen
Cries for help tweeting?
Have they not seen
We view them as greedy cretins?
But they cause a divide
And they suppress
The voice of billions.
And they suppress
The health of millions.
And they suppress
The death of trillions.
Over time they are harbingers,
They consider themselves the only integer,
There is no law when they are the arbiter.
Because their violence is all that matters.
So we burn their rocks that matter,
And we say Black Lives Matter!
But they don’t care till we turn to violence,
Demeaning us as nihilists,
Raining fire upon us to create quietness,
Our hearts are our compassion,
Our minds are only on rations,
As they erase our captions,
We have to prevail,
It is not just stories we tell,
So we must make our hearts swell,
And rise up for all,
Equity for all,
Peace for all.

Ode to the little piece of cotton that I hope gets me through this.

Oh cotton you have been woven into a mask,
Just thin enough I can even sit in the sun and bask,
But you keep the spittle off me,
And I hope everyone uses thee,
Such a simple solution,
Barely even an intrusion,
But once again thanks to social media memes,
Every one thinks your political and obscene,
Your heart is abashed,
As people wear you as a hat,
Is this good enough? they say,
No, not good enough for today.
So I hope my ode to you,
Will help get me through,
A pandemic not caused by you,
But blamed on you.
Because we all want the same dream,
To be plague free,
And for you people to shut the fuck up about not wanting to wear a mask.

Our Fourth Dimensional Consciousness Part 2

My mind is sharing
Open dimensions tearing
Unfolding for telling
But spelling
Inter dimensional consciousness
When I ask myself
My other self,
Whose self is asking another myself,
Whether there is a pan dimensional being
And how many different things they are seeing,
At one time,
And the next time,
Not just the last time,
But all time,
As we fold,
Not just now but then,
And soon to be,
All these different we’s,
Are just one person you see,
No this is not a metaphor for you it is just me
But actually we,
And all time and space,
And everyone all over the place,
Not just earth,
But the intergalactic highways we surf,
But also everything that ever was,
Everything that ever will be,
If you could process it all at once,
Would you have eaten enough calories at lunch?
Would it drive you mad,
Would you be glad,
Would your heart break,
When you see other planets quake?
One thing you would learn,
And you would know it so stern,
Is that we are all space dust you see,
Which connects us to we,
And our minds think together,
And we all exist in forever,
And every option exists,
So let’s not let this time go to shit.

Our Fourth Dimensional Consciousness Part 1

I can’t discount your love,
Love never goes on sale,
Love is something to be hailed,
Our hearts beat righteously,
And we open them up willingly,
To pain,
To deceit,
Hell even for something on a retreat,
So why do we take these chances,
Why is it we are looking for romances?
To remove loneliness,
To fight despair,
But how can you feel alone,
At the fair?
At a concert,
At a park,
At a family gathering?
People were meant to work with people,
That was the original reason for meatballs,
To bring them together,
To feel like dinner went on forever,
But it’s not just family,
It is our entirety,
Our hearts,
The community,
The country,
The world,
The earth,
Because there was a reason for birth,
It was a chance to increase each others mirth,
To find solace in one’s mind,
And share that peace all the time,
Because I tell you this is not the end of our evolution,
It will come when our fourth dimensional consciousness is not longer an illusion.
It will be when you can respect everyone and everything.
But it starts with loving yourself and we.

If Your Heart is Evil

Change is not just a reaction,
It is something gaining traction,
It is a way forward for good,
It means you don’t stand where you stood.

Your heart is evil,
If you don’t love people,
Your heart is crap,
If you think some people are ok to attack.

What ever taught you to hate,
Needs to be spayed,
What ever keeps you hating,
Deserves to be flayed.

Life is not about you,
It is about your attitude,
And until you learn to care about all,
Your foundation will crumble and you fall.

The higher that pedestal is,
The higher up your descent begins,
It will pain you every night,
And give you diarrhea for life.

Because you need to learn that we all will die,
And it is only friendship that adds to that time,
So reach out your hand,
And respect everyone and the land.

The Lucid Tertiary Highway

Sadness, turns bitter under the onion of hate.

The world gets darker keeping me sedate,

If only there was a glimmer of dawn,

But instead the lucid tertiary highway keeps mingling on

Through rapture and Rapunzel,

Falling stock market tunnels,

Intricate inanity that rises in retrograde,

We all know what we should of paid,

But best laid plans of Democrats,

Have no power against impudent spats,

Hope has a willingness towards inclusion,

But vapid delusions often cause dissolution.

The world finally turns it head,

Is this experiment dead?

Art contained,

Music Explained,

Compassion shown,

Anger over blown,

Maybe our creation of Vulcans is unique,

Maybe we peaked?

Hard harden lines become harder,

As the impertinence of time falters,

Hearts ache of static boxes,

Impossible to move like injured foxes,

Our hour,

Our time,

Of hope,

Of mine,

For it is we,

Not me,

For it is the planet

Let’s not abandon it.

Plead for the World

Our lives have been lived wrong, and we should take the current problems as proof of that. You must live for your community, your future generations. Your passions must be used for good, for enlightenment. The talk of god is strong with some of you, but narcissism and greed, were never part of that plan. We are at fault for accepting a system that encourages these problems, nothing good came out of capitalism, the good came from innovation, invention, creativity, and authenticity. This is what makes the world strong, moving forward to make everyone’s lives easier, moving forward to find a way to make everyone happy. We are intelligent beings with deep emotions, which means love becomes something our society should strive for, not just for marriage, but of friends, family and the world. The earth we come from needs this love too, and when we give it love it creates fruits, flowers, and rainbows. When we don’t give it love it creates famine, disease, and pestilence. That is why we all need to work together, arm in arm, pocket in pocket, to create a new world, and a new way for all.

Hope for Contact

Darkness with no refuge,
Naked for no one,
In sight of all who don’t exist,
And then the ember sparks!
The light twinkles in the void of life,
The first pulsation,
The second spark,
Light starts to illuminate,
As all take part,
One glowing ember at a time,
Starting growing and become on fire in kind.
Nothing around but the fire roars,
A world with nothing but it’s passion stores,
The isolation is deafening,
But less now that fire roars,
Like being lost on an island with no stores,
But the light will rise,
And reveal my naked guise,
That one day someone will see.
Hopefully they will want to hug me.