Green the song

When the world is wasting away,

When it’s so bad the birds can’t stay,

We have to make a change,

And not pollute like trains,

When the smog is thick,

More trees will do the trick,

When the building are high,

They will crumble with vines,

Cover this world in green,

Mother Nature is not mean,

You can do something too,

The environmental movement can rule


A little ditty about music.

Music can take you so many places,

Music puts smiles on everyone’s faces,

It can make you cry,

It can make you sigh,

The sounds can make your day better,

Even if the rain makes it wetter.

Music can fill your mind,

Music will pass the time,

It can make you jump,

It can get you out of a slump,

You can make music too,

Because it’s life’s auditory glue.

Ouch in the Heart

The pain hurts more than you know,

The friends line you do not tow,

As the dagger’s edge deepens,

My sadness quickens,

As everyone leaves,

I remember only the trees,

Nature’s perfect word,

The wind’s sound I heard,

But that peace is threatened,

As the pain is checking,

What friendships have lied,

What loves gone by,

If only they knew,

How compassion consumed,

A love for only one,

Stabbing my heart till I am done.

Unable to Complete

One more page I can’t complete,

Everyone calls this your chance to compete,

The blank page drones on,

I watch out for the con,

As people look in,

As the day grows dim,

I want to finish,

Then I diminish,

Knowing that the time draws near,

Going crazy and shedding tears,

Will I finish this time?

Or will I be in a bind?

As my last chance passes,

I run out of gasses,

Another opportunity passes by,

Once again no one is at my side.

Moving Higher

A broken day,

When people move away,


A broken time,

When it is to high to climb,


A broken moment,

Those gone I lament,


Things change,

Things rearrange,


Sometimes life is bleak,

Sometimes I can’t find what I seek,


But I keep moving on,

Showing a smile like the dawn,


Someday there will be more,

I will find a new one to adore,


As the sad news closes in,

As the time grows thin,


I start again,

I try to not bend,


I feel the pain in my mind,

But I just start to climb,


With my compassion,

Without distraction,


To get a new lease,

To find a new peace.


Compassion Should Never End

If there was only one pain to share,

If there was only one cross to bare,

If life wasn’t complicated,

If people weren’t sophisticated,

But enough with the if’s

And stop with the tiff’s,

We need to stop getting in our own way,

We need to learn to seize the day,

There is only this one life,

And it is made worse by strife,

Find a moment for peace,

And spread the charity grease,

For only we can know when,

To give compassion that never ends.

Community Dance

Closer you look, the closer you will find

The microscopic me hiding inside.

Every person is stereotype from far away,

But then when they talk, your opinion is molded like clay.

Deep in your heart you ask, Did I give them a chance?

Deep in your soul you ask, did they have the ability to dance?

Watch for the signs and watch for the clues,

As it bubbles up like brine, and gives you a view.

A view of soul that is different than others,

A view of their gold, that is different from their mothers.

So give all the people in the land a chance,

Soon you will find a community where you can dance.