Doing as your told

Broken pieces in your daily life,

Meeting new people who think you are trite,

Trash from the past keeps moving forward,

Is it happiness or disaster that you are running towards?

As your pieces fall in to place,

You wonder if it all came to late.

Are you permanently broken?

Has your passion ever awoken?

Your mask of happiness seems to slip,

As you can’t seem to get a grip.

Is life passing you by?

Can you trust the people in who you confide?

You move one broken pace towards your goal.

But are you really just doing what you where told?


Sewing Peace

If there was only time,

If I was in the right mind,

If my heart could give way,

If I could seize a day,

But it passes by,

But I haven’t learned to fly,

But why do they wings,

But when will I get things?

I am happy with nothing,

I am happy not corrupting,

I am happy in fall,

I am happy I don’t need things in a mall.

Our days will shine,

Our time will help people feel fine,

Our compassion continues to grow,

Our peace is what we seek to sew.

Props For The Rest

Why does everyone always want to be best?

Why don’t you like the ones who have tried?

There are always people that can do better in sports.

There is always someone with a crazy retort.

There needs to be respect for all of the rest.

There need acknowledgement for those lost in the tide.

If you don’t see the things that will build up your goals.

You will miss the lessons that helped things get sold.

Become One Who Cares

I see other people happy.

But I feel crappy.

I see money being made,

Without holding a blade.

I see people who care,

But they are not near.

I see how pain divides,

I will never pick sides.

The world needs to learn to be sensitive,’

The world needs to stop being competitive.

There is enough for everyone live,

There is enough for everyone to give.

Why does everyone fight so hard?

Why does everyone need to be on guard?

There are nice people out there,

Become one of those who cares.


A kind and loving person,

Who is treated with hate and cursing,

By someone who needs to shatter his soul

Ground it to sand and place it in a mold.

Sometimes you can’t have nice things,

Sometimes life breaks your rings.

People can’t always get back up

Because they might have bad luck.

Even if you want to move on,

Could you really start with another fawn?

Your essence was drained out cold,

And now your heart begins to fold.

The pain you feel inside,

Is a hurt your never realized,

Not cause by love, but betrayal,

Not caused by hate but denial.

Because people will put their faults on you,

Because you can’t see all the things that make you rude.

But even after that there is hope.

You just have to move past the part where your mope.


Frustration and troubled times do tend to dull the mind,

As your daily brew continues you may miss the facts you need to find.

The crazy days come in waves,

That only happen when you need delays,

Do not fret as it crosses your threshold,

Do not try to say it is foretold.

The wind billows every day,

even if you are getting blown away.

So wild thoughts will set fire to your mind

If you don’t let them pass by without becoming the reflected kind.

Do you best to see the beauty around you,

And to find the inner peace within you,

So that you can move on,

And the world will become your fawn.

Pain and Care are There

People try and make time, But then the time just flies.

Sometimes they find work fine, But really they just cry.

We all have our vices, whether or not we like it.

Most people end up in crisis. no matter how rich.

You have the motivation, but the world doesn’t care.

You come up with new iterations, until it is bland as thin air.

You want to have compassion, but you can’t trust the dishonesty

So everyone has become dispassionate, Especially the ones with financial autonomy.

This is why we need to care, about the people around us.

This is why we need to spare, the people less fortunate than us.

We need to stop making happiness a rarity, for those in need.

Instead believe in charity and not in greed.