A poetry site and more. I am always looking to create something new and different in Poetry, Music, Art, Philosophy and Books. I work to create new and different ideas and imagery to entertain your mind and help move forward the consciousness of the world. Please follow my site and help out peace in the world any way you can. All poetry on this site is copyrighted by Ben Smiley unless otherwise stated.

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Ben a Biography:

Musician, Philosopher, Poet, and Artist. SMiley creates new imagery, words and sound. He has been playing percussion for over 25 years in a wide variety of bands including jazz, jam band, classic rock, techno, electronica, heavy metal, progressive rock and bluegrass. Starting early on in school he worked on honing his skills in both art and poetry. Then in college he majored in philosophy focusing on a unifying theory of peace. After college, he continued with bands and published many works for magazines, reviews, books and more. Today he works tirelessly spreading the word of peace, charity and cooperation in hopes of helping the world become more caring and loving.