Fading to Black

I used to see the beauty in the world,
Of greens so warm they make everyday lively,
Of skies of pink and blue that pull on your heartstrings and inspire you.
But now I am not so sure,
That the world believes that nature came before.
That we could live on the land,
And not in a shack where we stand,
They don’t want us to go back to swimming in the ocean,
They don’t want everyday to be peace pipe toking.
It’s fought so hard they create their own peril,
Of smoggy skies,
Mortal lies,
And hearts made of oil.
Destroying every inch of fertile land,
While demeaning and enslaving people where they stand.
It will bring about their deaths too,
But it does not change their mood,
They will happily and richly die,
Before they every have to face the falling sky.
But they are a generation to late for that,
They are the ones to get squished flat,
Along with the rest of us as we toil,
When instead we could of had fun playing in the soil.

Scared to Quit

A step further away,
I wish I could lock myself in today,
This sharp pain in my chest,
When the people in charge don’t know best,
My recourse is, no course
Dwindling funds,
Risking life for small sums,
My head hurts for days,
As I try and find a way,
To just stay in,
And have it not be a sin.

The Witches Fall to Grace

Night of Magic and Monsters
Chapter 5

This is it,
I stand outside the town,
Feeling like it is some hallowed ground,
But it is not the same as when the robbery had played,
It had rotted and there was no mark of the rich displayed.
Hunched over mossy buildings falling apart,
Rotting food and vegetables that smelled like a fart,
Bones of cattle, and dead plants,
This can’t be the town as I continue my rant,
Searching for life but there was none to been seen,
I move through the town to the house where the witch used to lean,
Out side it was decrepit, and crumbling brick,
The grass was high but rotted and sick,
Just then she steps out that woman the witch,
“So you’ve come back to see the destruction you rot,
I hope it is all you wanted and sought.”
She spat as she talked,
I was so full of anger I squawked!
“My rage knows no bounds,
For this monster you have turned me into makes me frown.”
I knew this was my chance to strike,
Waiting for the moment she opened her mouth just right.
And just as she spoke,
I reached out with my claws to choke,
In my grasp now I squeeze with a growl,
I knew this would be my last day as a monster I howled.
But then my grasp was pushed away,
And she grew till I could no longer keep her at bay.
Standing 12’3 with powerful arms,
Spikes on her back were cause for alarm,
The disfigured face full of teeth and spite,
I could see this was a being full of magic and might,
I drew back into defensive position,
Because I was on a mission,
To be human again,
Maybe even to save my friends,
The sword I unsheathed,
And then began to leap,
Into battle again,
I hope this was the end,
She dodge the blade with a fancy flight,
And struck me in the chest with all of her might,
Jumping on me squeezing my neck as I choke,
Her claws where going through my skin with a poke,
Breath running thin,
Barley breathing,
Reaching around for anything I could find,
Just then I grabbed the hilt of my sword in time,
Thrusting it through her neck,
She screamed violently as heck,
And fell to the ground dead,
The sword glistening as she bled,
I looked at my hands which began to grow smaller,
Was this skin I was seeing or had my sight began to falter?
I knew that the curse was broken you see,
I was no longer the rock eater just plain old me.
I vowed to never steal again,
And I thought I saw the sides of the witches mouth bend,
I had learn my lesson for sure,
To not rob from the rich even if your poor.
When I look back the witches curse did succeed,
She had gone and made a better person out of me.

The Paladin of Redhawk

Night of Magic and Monsters
Chapter 4

I arrive in the town of Redhawk,
A flag red with a shining gold hawk,
In search of a righteous knight,
Who if I killed could cure my plight,
The problem was I am a monster you see,
And cannot walk among with out raising a scream,
So I wait in the woods and dark alleys,
Trying to get a glimpse of this armored chumly.
As the day drags on my will starts to wain,
If something doesn’t happen I might go insane,
Just then I see a knight as tall as can be,
With a shield adorned with a cross and tree.
The paladin the one who held the serpent sword,
As he comes closer to the alley I creep toward.
I reach out and grab him,
Squishing his armor like tin,
He wrestles free of my grasp,
But now I have in my path,
I charge with my horns ready to gore,
He leaps off the wall an into a store,
Bashing through the wall I have him in my sights,
This is when he draws his sword to challenge my might,
Swinging wildly there is no way to dodge,
It cracks through my skin I fall back with blood it dislodges,
My tough skin provides no defense against this knight tonight,
This will be the fight of my life if I play my cards right,
His blade flashes again,
I duck and descend,
Swinging a right which he see to clearly,
He moved out of the way and then gets all swirly,
Sword comes low at me,
But luckily there is a chair which he splits as he aims at me,
Next comes a thrust and I sidestep,
Bringing my claw down much harder than a pet,
Stumbling he falls backward,
This is when I try to pin him as the attacker,
Wrestling the sword away,
I see it’s shining blade,
And hope this is the right choice I made,
Plunging it into his heart where it stayed,
But nothing changed,
My appearance was still a rock eater,
My heart grew cold as stone,
But then a mutter in a barely audible tone,
The knight says the witch must die,
And then he expired with a sigh,
It all comes back to the beginning you see,
I must return to the town to stop the one who transformed me,
With the serpent sword in hand,
I finally prepare for my final stand.

Please Stop Hurting the World

Cautious tales of morbidity,

Trubadored facts fake as can be,

This is a hostile take over is putting it lightly,

Our hearts,

Our distractions,

Our pocketbooks,

Our inaction,

Whistling minnows do flounder and are killed,

Snakes do strangle with their lizard men shadows still,

Behind them are not people,

But buildings and dollars,

I still don’t know how they have any followers,

The irate,

The insubordinate,

The uneducated,

The degraded,

Both sides are hated,

because they can’t see that we are both human beings,

Both sides are elated,

By the gains they are making,

With posts of wood,

Whispers from hoods,

Sharp troll teeth,

And even fake meat,

Our energy is wasted,

Our electricity is poison,

We live through a coin slot,

We die forgotten,

Please stop hurting the world,

Please give peace a chance,

Hold the ones you love,

Hugs for those that hate,

They have to calm down,

We didn’t bring a stake.

Fight the power,

Bring equality to this hour,

Help each other today,

Live off the grid in a community way,

Because what was important was play.

Please hear what I say!