The Struggles of Truffles

The struggles of truffles to their chocolate,

Thorns of roses cause pin pricks of love,

Over coming obstacles unbound by government,

The challenges of life chip away at the delicate,

In the city it is a pigeon instead of a dove,

The chores of adulthood interfere with childhood wonderment,

Broken hearts and loss create scars,

But we all must keep going on the next challenge,

Weaving a tapestry that has gone to far,

Chained to a desk with a heavy weight just for a car,

Every experience elevating you while leaving a little damage,

That follows you like a trail of tears and smiles made of tar,

Did it lift you up or make you burrow like a bug?

Digging deeper into the mistake laden dirt of your past,

Finding a lair and falling asleep on a fibrous rug,

So there is two sides to every person even if they act smug,

Like a loosely woven patchwork log life held together with a clasp,

Take the good with the bad and give everyone a hug.

The Dark Forest Of Terror

The cold wet forest does not protect my bones tonight.

With its high pitched howls,

Of the wind whistling and the caws of fowl,

For I fear lurking deeper in,

Are monsters who want my skin.

Their teeth sharp enough to break rocks,

They go hunting in flocks,

Looking for their next victim,

They kill and are insensitive,

My mind races as the time flies by,

Long gone is my fire, wood and smoke that reached the sky,

I have never known this danger,

Lost in a woods never seemed stranger.

Just then a flutter,

A low rumbling mutter,

Howls to the distance,

Would I even stand a chance at resistance?

My mind jarred runs scared,

And then a light over there,

Finally the morning sun starts to rise,

And I can continue my climb.

The Lotus

The first petal explains the last.

A beautiful foliage invaded your mind at last.

As the circle you see,

Encompasses me,

The bee at the center,

Grabbing nectar, so tender,

The petals pinkish hue,

Better than any sunrise you knew,

Just pink enough to warm your heart,

But so many petals your mind starts…

To count,

The recursive redundant rows,

How elegantly they flow,

On a ever inward rounding spiral,

If we could spin it it would go viral.

To a center of gleaming gold,

With the sweetest nectar folds,

It stands tall and proud,

But stoic with no movement allowed,

The flowers way of enlightenment is to grow,

And to be one with the ground you sew.

It’s aurora has a golden gleam,

That you can see in the fog it seems,

Because the lotus is all around,

It gives a hint to how the center is found.

We forgot why plants are happy

If the world could only stop for a second.

If everyone could just accept it.

The throttling begins to gear down with its constant shifting now just a passing growl. Moving over pastures of green and out of the city to the serene. There was a reason we were in tune with the land. It’s because the beauty is grand. Our hearts and our minds preserved. Our thoughts and actions are aimed towards growth. Not towards making totes. We look to see a flower bloom, not to create someone’s else’s gloom. We travel to see a created butte, not to create war and shoot.

Just remember your familiar, the animal you see a heart filled with glee. As it runs through the forest finding nothing peculiar. One with the land, going anywhere it wants to stand. Or remember the ancestors who farm. Growing and doing no harm, with planted perennials and harvested fruit, how they loved the land with a smooch.

How did we get so far away from this? Why is there so much now to make everyone pissed? So then my prescription is thus: get out of town, run on down, to the nearest stream in a forest that gleams, where you can’t hear the cars, yes I said it go far. Enjoy nature as it was meant to be, and find your souls tranquility.

The Woke Woke Up To Nothing

The woke woke up to nothing,

As if there selfish eyed memes removed the power from the rich,

The twitter war won because you pwned that dick,

The racists are still racisting,

The haters are still hating,

Rock rubble crushing neighbors and towns choking with water,

Did you really reassign the power?

Corporate corruption still corrupting the corrupt.

Draft dodging dictators still cheat at golf from the rough.

Did you vote?

Where did you buy your tote?

Does your money come from a government project?

Black ops shadows controls nations,

People fleeing sand dunes back to the point of creation.

You recycled,

But did the plastic company stop making plastic?

Barged beach whales,

Have bottled stories to tell,

Islands melting with soda hijinks,

Glaciers glaciating,

While igloos are suffocating,

But you had to fight a smaller fight,

The one on your block that is just right,

To stop Timmy the tool,

from spreading his tom foolery,

About the earth being flat,

is where you went to bat.

So my friend Timmy has cried,

and is now acting snide,

But he will post no more,

Was that the only win,

you had in store?