Sometimes I Float Away

There was a moment in time I tried to grab. I had it for a second then it fluttered away like lighting bug, into the distance. You see its light, then it’s gone only to appear farther away. That’s like a conversation with a ton of people. One moment your the center, then the light flashes and your outside the circle. Some people don’t fear this distance, but I do. It’s like a group hug in a safe space, then a time shift and your alone, surrounded by empty chairs of the ones you used to commiserate with. It’s not not talking, it’s not just a pause, it’s that moment when the focus shifts and little conversations break off into their own, like cells dividing they all talk as I did, about colors you will never know, and around you a cone of silence grows. This isolation, this momentary drift, may seem insignificant, but somethings amiss. All of a sudden your divided cell is just two, and then you finish the separate portion of the allegory foretold. Slowly the pieces drift off, as if caught in a current so soft, you see them floating away, but you can’t get back to them for days. It may be because a new topic has started, maybe it’s about something you don’t want to talk about, like sharting. It could be with people who are not friends, or not interested in you. And you look back at that stream which put you in a mood. I remember you, I remember your great views, please come back to me, I have more conversations to construe! So my heart goes out to everyone who I never got back to, my heart is there for one I didn’t get to talk to. There is a crazy place in the busy world of a concert venue, but rest assured I will keep swimming and one day find you. And I will also hope to remember our first conversation and surprise you.

Gone to Soon

I want to talk to do you about death.

I hope you never have to experience it but you will, we all will.

But not that type, the type of friends and young ones, sons and daughters, of falling comrades. Our heart begins to stretch so thin, that everything reminds you of them, even the gin. Our heartaches tolls for those who have went to soon. Sometimes it’s so crushing, you can hardly move. As your eyes well up upon hearing their name, and the boat of your heart creaks from the pain. These are not just ones you love, but a child you hope is up above. A coworker, a friend, a neighbor, even some one you talked to once and said see you later. It’s ripped from you, and no matter how hard you try to construe, distance and time make their memories disappear to you. The world goes on but they are in tucked away in a box in your thoughts, so that for even a moment you can help that pain stop. But they are not gone, not in our hearts and while you may not solace in this let me tell you where to start. By raising a glass to the times you had, because they all want to be remembered happy and not sad.

Stuck at One Moment in the Rapture

It hurts like the rapture but time doesn’t move on,

I sit listening to screams but nothing is done,

But this heart,

This heart,

it aches to create change,

Because to go on with this madness is totally insane.

I reach out my arm to catch anyone to save,

But the current takes them back like the night at the end of each day.

My heart bleeds and my brain pours,

But no matter how hard I try I can’t reach an audience of more.

There are the skyscrapers of drudge,

Monsters and kings,

and no they don’t budge.

Through wars and atrocities all they create is peril,

But everyone is down here attacking each other and becoming feral.

Even the good can not stand up to this tyranny,

They shot the messiah just to put the fear in me.

But yet I scream and cry,

And every day I just try try try.

But this poem is not giving up,

This poem is not futile and stuck,

It’s a cry to others to pick at the top,

And maybe if we work together we can finally make it stop.

The World is on Fire Today

Meteoric entropy rise,

As we cling to time.

Heartbreaking need to labor,

In a world with no neighbors.

Intense scathing walls,

As our liberty falls.

The need to move forward, with hopes of giving up the past. The smarter the person, the less they will last. Hearts screaming with rage, undermining the long term gaze.

Everything begins to heat up,

We sell poison by the cup.

Misplaced blame on the consumer,

While the elite create new tumors.

The fierce dark skies rise,

We can no longer hold back the tide.

But we don’t participate in it, our hearts are trying to save themselves. Our cry’s are squashed, no matter how the indignity is obvious. It hurts as our children play, because the world is on fire today.

Scum bucket capitalist gains,

As people’s last penny is strained.

Uncouth burning planet,

Makes even priests say dammit.

Intentionally misaligned reply,

They are not on our species side.

The planet is dying, our people are crying,

But these are the separatist, the people with merit, who swear they won’t freeze, or succumb to the next hellacious disease.

Because there fortress can withstand, even if they cannot eat from the land.

Put them aside, do not despise. We can save the world ourselves. We can stop being capitalist bedfellows. It’s time to move on, and not by considering money strong. On to a new community and complete and unabashed unity. Where we can work together, and create a new forever. Through cherishing our land, and working hand in hand.