A Monocle in the Sand

Shifting sands shift shiftlessly in the night. As appropriations appropriately appropriated barely change the budget gripe. Water wading waddled waste choking with fish that fight. Puddled poverty pedestrians climbing on top of each other in a low income housing shite.

Each day we loose rights,

Each day they penny pinch with their might.

To force our hands

Complain about the borders of our lands

The pork belly stuffing masticating it’s dollars and sense. With a top hat and monocle and a trench coat made of your rent. Telling tale tales about that time when they lost one cent. Laughing as they continue to pollute the Marianas trench.

Will any millionaire ever hear this? No

Will it make a difference if they do? No

But does it still need to be said? Yes

Now get up and fight for equity instead! Yes

The Reappropriation Sandwich

I wish life was like an anime and least then I could fight my way to victory. In a massive conflict with a superpower armor wearing bad guy, I could slip under his laser shot and run towards him releasing my kamehameha chi. Or maybe I will be smashed blood curdling as it drips to the destroyed landscape suffering from our power. My fleshy bits may even reform and fight again of their own free will, becoming a parasite with a sense of justice. This battle could rage on till season two and be a cliffhanger in my life, or is it a show where my comrades avenge me and then try to bring my brain back to life so I can pilot a mech with better mechanical abilities than every other mech ever invented.

At the very least life as anime would give me clues to what you are thinking, your doe eyes would mean you are taken with the idea. Blood spurting our your nose would mean your are lewd, and a crooked smile would mean your up to something behind the scenes. Because real life is all grays. Some people only kinda want to screw you over. Some people only kinda like you. In Pittsburgh the sky is only kinda gray with a chance of rain. You have to beg and claw and scrounge for enough money to take a shower, make your food, and go to a concert. You can’t just beat up the nearest bad guy reappropriating his thing for good and sandwich to repower you and keep you fighting evil. So I escape again into my euphonium alchemy in hopes one day it will match my reality.

The Opposite of Business

I created a business today.

An anti business business is what I made.

It had employees who got paid,

The boss was poor in a way,

And the goal was to make advertising,

That worked against advertising,

It said don’t buy that thing in the previous commercial,

And don’t accept that divisive candidate who is controversial.

We ran ads about love instead of suicide,

And compassionate hugs of those with a great vibe.

The was a commercial about a place that was all peace,

And even one about a free place to eat,

Less product placement,

And happier words,

Do you realize what you just heard?

This is the way to be unconditioned,

This is the way to not live a life of attrition,

It’s a message about working together,

It’s a message that a community can make things better.

So at your next farmers market start working together,

And at you next knitting group find people who need sweaters.

Let’s move beyond the need for cash,

And start a community not based on class,

If we can work together we can skip the capitalism,

If we work together we can defeat narcissism.

Update: Posting time!

Hi all I am moving my weekly release of poetry to Saturday’s at 8:55am. More people are tuning into my poems at that time. Oh and please buy a copy of my first book now! It helps support me in creating a second book of poetry. https://www.amazon.com/Please-Stop-Hurting-World-compassion/dp/1723231460


The Hippie Mayor

With modest assumption they tell us this movement is nothing.

That no one would ever respect their power. And their weakness shows just like they are late on the hour.

But there is an upside you see

For having a mayor that is a hippie,

They bring blankets to the poor,

They give out hugs door to door,

They understand inclusion,

They Are not dissolution,

By complicated issues,

Or swayed by corrupt corporate misuse.

Instead they take time to feed the homeless,

They work for an equity in living for the helpless,

They give us a day off to mediate,

Clean energy would be expedited,

Plastic would be terminated,

Charities would be inundated,

Because the policies would be tax breaks,

For growing food in your lawn,

For helping people cross the street,

For sharing food on you camping trip.

And yes the hippie mayor would legalize pot,

Yes the hippie mayor would be at every concert,

Yes the hippie mayor would hug everyone they saw.

But would that be so bad?

Wouldn’t that hug make you glad?

And wouldn’t a mayor who doesn’t do these things make you sad?