Stage Fright For The Spoken Word

A blinding light

Full of fright,

Teeth chatter,

If that is what matters,

Rooted in place and naked,

I clutch this piece of paper as clothes to prevent being berated,

My nails grind into this thin plant that used to be alive,

Scribbled in graphite

I hope to excite my hive,

Bring up my gaze to the crowd,

The blurry faces I hope soon will howl,

I clear my throat to the amplification,

And worry about these words ramifications,

Are they something I still believe?

Will they understand the tapestry I weave,

The echo of throat clearing quiets the room,

I know this is the moment to let out my boom,

Say it loud, say proud,

I think in my head,

Just do this today then you can go to bed.

As I bellow the crowd mellows,

Yes they are listening to me,

Will they be able to see?

My knees knocking,

My sway rocking,

My sweat stocking,

On my brow,

As I cow,

And try to stumble,

Definitely not to mumble,

Then stop.

A silence fills the room,

I start shaking,

And quaking,

And wondering if I was mistaken,

The first clap comes,

And then my fear is undone,

The claps get more,

And fill the store,

I breathe a sigh of relief,

It was good to get this release.

Just Stand Up Already

Just stand up already

You hate the violence and the war

Just stand up already

They are creating more poor

Just stand up already

They are regulating your womb

Just stand up already

To the 1% windfall boom

Our days are numbered

Because they don’t care about global warming,

Everyone is encumbered

Medical care makes no sense and is storming

Just fucking standup already

They are shooting your sons

Just stand up already

They won’t even regulate a gun

Just stand up already

Your unions are broken

Just stand up already

It obvious collusion

How can they make it any more plain

They hate with disdain,

They don’t even care about acid rain

They are consolidating riches

So they can survive

The collapse of economies,

The end of the beehives,

Make sure they only thrive,

Just fucking stand up already

To evil unchecked

Just stand up already

And give them heck

Just stand up already

For one ideal

Make it real

To save the world

To stop the hunger

To never encourage plunder

Just fucking stand up already

Capitalism Is Not Your Democracy

Capitalism is not your democracy

Our votes should count,

This is not an oligarchy

As tensions mount,

There should be no privileged race,

No kings upon high,

No class war mansion space,

Your democracy is the rule of majority

That means everyone’s vote,

gives power to the enormity,

And not to the king to gloat.

Companies don’t get human traits,

And everyone is allowed an opinion,

Your money is not your fate,

Opinions don’t decide your religion.

Trade and pricing is not free,

Taxes are used to keep things fair,

If it is murky a referendum is done with speed,

And the money goes back to its citizens with care.

Capitalism does not govern the people,

We can use money with out being evil,

We can use it outside a steeple,

And corporate bailouts should cause upheaval,

Democracy guarantees civil rights,

We are suppose to have a collective constitution,

A protection from a monarchs spite,

Laws to protect us from being dissolution.

So work for the people,

Create your union,

Corporations are not people,

Protect the freedom of doing,

Because the people need to work together,

Companies should learn to care better,

And when they don’t,

They should go up in smoke,

Because equality and equity can should of made this a better land.

Let’s Fix This Ourselves

What have we learned from rulers?

That they all succumb to greed,

That they are disconnected and mean,

That the divide and conquer becomes crueler,

What have we learned from capitalism?

That anyone can be bought,

Money is the reason wars are fought,

That they want society poor to the point of cannibalism.

Why do we talk about the one percent?

Because they are not stopping global warming,

Because they are not paying and creating poor men.

Because they are petty and destroy countries over insolence.

The public has the power.

But not if we are different pages,

And fight smaller social injustice in stages,

We have to work together in this global hour.

Because they may own the businesses, the shipping and media,

But they will never own grass roots,

We must work together and not stoop,

Create a global campaign on social media.

Work together to two ends,

End global warming,

And create a standard of living,

So we can all have the lives we work for in the end.

The Description: Night of Magic and Monsters-Chapter 3

The serpents sword!

I awoke from my dream,

It just came out of my mouth I scream,

Laying in the moss by the stream,

The midday sun was causing rising steam,

My past was finally coming back,

I remember being a robber, knocked out in an attack,

Raiding a farming community ripe with apples,

Ten farms and a treasury this town had,

I thought with this looting I could retire glad.

But little did I know about the witch in town,

She lived at the end and was its protector now,

A spell of sleep was cast upon us all,

And turned us into monsters big and small,

This curse was meant so we could never hide our true intentions,

Just the sight of us would fill people with tension,

Not until recently did I see this shape,

8 feet tall with two mouths agape,

I had rough rubble skin,

With muscles hard as tin,

Claws numbering three,

That are as big as they can be,

Long powerful legs,

With hoofs much bigger than pegs,

My two heads had horns on the outside,

And my faces each had one eye,

My teeth were abysmal,

but as strong as could be,

I was the rock eater from lore,

I could eat limestone with my teeth that tore.

Then I remembered the quest that had lead me astray,

I feel like I have been lost in the woods for days,

There was a sword that could cure my ills,

Returning me to human form, with the blood that it spills,

There is a paladin in a castle grand,

Just outside the town of Redhawk it stands,

So this quest continues,

One step at a time,

On hurdle a day,

I will be free in my own way.