The Chase: Night of Magic and Monsters – Chapter 2

My true face had been revealed

I turn to my capture with squeal,

Moving my brutish arms and flailing wildly,

My capture readied his halberd and moved behind me.

I quickly spun around,

But he was no where to be found

Just the rocks of the castle,

Bed made of hay with a tassel,

I here a clank and then pain

And then my consciousness begins to wain,

Falling to the floor, I gather my thoughts,

And jump up quickly to fight,

All of sudden blinding greys and blue,

A smoke bomb at my eyes he threw,

Screaming and swinging wildly,

I hear a thud,

rubbing my eyes mildly,

I see the capture down in blood,

Quickly I made my way out of the room,

Down the cobblestone hallway,

It reminds me of a inn, in which I stayed,

Then I open the hulking wooden door,

And find a mob with pitchforks screaming more, more, more!

I quickly make a right,

Trying to avoid this fight,

Rushing down past creepy trees,

Hearing all kinds of noises that confuse me,

Getting turned around I begin to frown,

I am lost somewhere just outside of town,

The grey blue sky,

Brightens as I open my eyes,

I see something twinkling,

It starts approaching me and worrying my thinking.

I now see this sprites full form,

Bluish hair, claws and inquisitive eyes

It moves closer to my face as it flies,

Falling sparkles flowing down,

I feel, I can trust her and remove my frown,

Just then it zooms at my face,

Claws and teeth bared as it raced,

I duck and spin,

Trying to avoid its grin,

But this menacing sprite attacks again,

I hit it hard with my giant claw,

It hits a tree falls and begins to caw,

You will never know how to turn back,

For I was your only hope at last.

Leaving me bewildered and lost,

I hope find solace by laying on the moss.

Glow Warmth Flow

When the world seems gloomy,

And you don’t have a roomie,

Don’t get sad and lonely,

Don’t reach out to a cranky homie,

Find a way to look inside,

Meditate with your time,

Imagine that lotus blossom in your view,

Examine each petal in your room,

Question whether it is real,

A question if answered and how you deal,

Find a way,

To think global today,

Open your third eye,

By not accepting the gloom,

See that even in raw sewage,

Flowers still bloom,

Know that it’s time to seize the day,

Know that things might not go your way,

Do not find safety by bowing down,

Do anything else even be a clown,

Each step you take creates stars of wonder,

Each step you take prevents a plunder,

Put your hand together like a bowl,

Let the poor drink out of it,

But not the trolls,

Let your aura expand,

And bring light to the depressed land,

Let everyone you know see your smile,

And forget your troubles for a while.

I is We

I need to eat

The world needs not to starve

I need clothing

Keep the world warm

I need healthcare

The world needs saved from disease

How are we both the same?

Why shouldn’t we be different?

I need a roof

Help the homeless

I need a job

You don’t count if you haven’t worked

We disqualify without even trying

We misappropriate without discretion

They need war money

They need corporate bailouts

We lost power

For more than an hour

Our lives don’t matter

Government holds all the power

We need a measured way to spend

To give to everyone and then

Help the ones who aren’t people

So first your citizens, then the earth

Then the world.

Because we are I and I is we and we are all around us.

Betrayed on a Sunny Day

Why do people compare babies and dogs?

Is it because both lack a language we understand?

Is this the reason we look down on other cultures with language and customs made of ideas that might as well be from space?

Or is it the growing fear of your replacement, like when teacher screams to blow your nose, right after praising the smartest kid in your class. The growing inadequacy infecting your veins like a blood parasite claiming it’s prey.

The constant wallowing like a gloomy seas dry heave, eroding the shores of you soul and replacing it with a hatred, misguided like a near sighted man navigating stairs in the dark.

Or the eroded eggs your mom makes over and over full of burnt pieces, getting more numerous over time, with each disappointment and tear she sheds,

Her gourmet cooking skills reduced to a cigarette smoking waitress from a burnt greasy spoon diner.

All these relationships corrode, full of sorrow and woe, hoping for a time when they felt like heaven shining so brightly they burned you eyes, like suntan lotion on a sweaty day.

But with every pain fleck, chipped away from your masterpiece, the pain grows,

But it is not the pain you feel from an accidental cut, bleeding without cause and nobodies fault. It is the pain you feel from a stab wound, with your anger directed, surprised about your own vulnerability. Your squishy insides pour out, as you realize your armor was made from mush. So you hate with contempt, the person who inflicted the knife, even if they where once your best friend.

It hurts to be betrayed even on the sunniest of day. But don’t let it be generalized, or lead to a group to criticize. Because the second you let the blood squirt all over the audience of you life, marked forever will be the ones you love, friends, acquaintances, and family separated by ideals, regions, and a line. Imaginary, contrived, and wholly moveable by a congress of strangers who have never visited your border. Forgive and move on, because we all have mistakes in common.

Bad Places to Meditate

I learned the art of zen.

I sat and meditated for and hour.

Then I was pecked by hen,

It did not make me sour,

I knew if I could keep this up,

My mind would be sharp

Then someone knocked over my cup,

So I imagined playing a harp,

My goal was harmony with the world around me.

Then I got kicked in the back.

By someone on their way to pee.

Staying still was my hack.

The mosh pit formed

And they punched my face

A dark cloud formed,

I let it float away to another state,

Then the fire started,

Everyone went running and screaming

I was the only one not departed,

The warmth felt nice and not like a demon

I concentrated harder as I burned

Separating my mind from my being

To the heavens my mind turned

A majestic tree I am seeing

I cross my astral legs

And center my mind,

I no longer beg,

I continue meditating in time,

So the lesson learned here

Is to not meditate in a mosh pit,

Instead go outside the venue there,

And find a place alone to sit

Because it’s not about avoiding distractions,

Or being ok with things that happen,

It’s about centering your actions,

So you think before you act with passion.