The unluckiest man who ever owned a duck

The day I was born I slipped out of the doctors hands,

I flailed on my way to the floor in a puddle I land.

Broken and battered my momma demand,

That is the worse child in all the land.

I was put up for adoption but there were no takers,

Even the rats in the street said see you laters,

I laid in the alley eating garbage from craters,

I knew one day I would prove my self to the haters.

When I could run I ran for the trees out side of town,

I ran so fast that I hit one and fell down,

And I realized that there was poison ivy all around,

This was the start of my poison blood on the ground.

I decided to grow food for something to eat,

But every thing died so maybe I will hunt for meat,

I made a bow and shot out my eye and now I look like a creep,

But I found a potato and in my soup it steeps.

In my teens I decided to rejoin society,

I tried to trade for food and was brought up on bribery,

Now I jail I make toilet wine as my new proprietary,

I have been stabbed seven times for taking their sobriety.

Released from prison it is my twenty first,

Still scaring everyone I am considered cursed,

I tried to good a good deed by giving back a purse,

She beat me to a pulp with a rage and then got in her hearse.

My luck is broken and sucks,

Will I ever succeed or just be a schmuck?

I went to the pond and found a beaten up duck,

Who wanted to be my friend and I consider that luck.

Was this what my life was preparing me for?

Did it really have to kick my ass or could it just open doors?

I now have a job where I mop the floors,

I feel luckier even though me and my duck live outdoors.

We Are Just Cogs In The System

Ok so from the moment you woke up your day has been decided,

First you brush your teeth with the fluoride provided,

Then wash your hair under the bleached water from the borough you resided,

So what?! They are just trying keep us safe!

Or was that news just fake?

As the process continues you turn on your boob tube

Getting the news stories to scare and a lot of buyers beware.

But shouldn’t the companies fix their own products,

shouldn’t they be held to a greater standard of conduct?

Next a new pill that will cure all your ills,

It can make your day or provide you with cheap thrills.

But this commercial can cause death, hair loss and more,

But don’t worry you can’t afford it, because you’re poor.

You take out your broken Hyundai that they said would last,

You just have to repair that leak of gas.

And then drive to a job that pays less than minimum wage,

But you have job security, they posted record profits and won awards on the stage.

Driving home in the traffic you sit,

While watching Billboards for restaurants that are lit.

You get home with minutes to make dinner,

Out of box

That you bought,

With food stamps,

It tastes like crap,

Then with the few minutes before bed,

You turn on the tv, as you lay down your head.

But one person screams!

I am not programmed you see,

I cut the cord and gave up cable, that’s me!

But you too have been programmed today,

just click this ad to get to your website anyway.

The stress levels are kept high,

To help you deny,

That they don’t need wars or spies,

Or even to convince you with apple pie.

We are just cogs in the system,

Antiquated as it is,

We are just cogs in the system,

And we provide for the sin,

Of the bloated Kings up high,

And they are no different than in

Feudalist times.

They rule from the shadow,

And take in a crapload.

This is why we have to have community,

And support local art,

We have to create local opportunity,

And listen to local music with our heart.

So we don’t have to depend on them,

And we can hope in the end that we win.

Jesus Get Out Of My Way

What if all the cursing was hurting this world?

What if every glass dropped shattered hearts?

Driving in traffic you scream at driver,

Is it in hopes that they die in a fire?

If everyone knew that the little things mattered,

Would it stop then from cursing when they have to use their bladder?

You go through every day getting mad at least one thing.

You go through a world that is quite frankly enraging.

Is there a way we can move beyond the crap we see?

Or when a car swerved and we said

“Jesus get out of my way”

Was he like “that’s it I am done for the day”.

Every curse, every swear, every irate statement could be true.

It’s something I do too but I don’t want to be rude.

We struggle with the complexities of life,

Because the world can bring us some serious strife.

If it is not affecting us directly it can hurt the planet.

And sometimes it seem like so much you can’t even stand it.

But we have to move forward and stop cursing dammit!

I feel flabbergasted every time I say,

There has got to be a better way.

This poem has told you to watch what you say.

But you can also go about it in a different way.

Find a way to spread cheer, joy and love

Reach out to others and offer a dove.

Every step towards unity can help us undue.

The problems of the world that all have construed.

Love and Life

Beauty is a thing lost in time,

A heartbreak never ending,

Reminding me of the moment of inception.

The touch of lips was so divine,

That first caress comforted me like blankets made of love,

If my heart could only find that constant

If my mind could only see it as everlasting,

Then maybe I could move forward with my life.

Every second it seems as though something is missing.

Every hour seems like it is not productive enough,

Not moving closer to the goal.

I need someone saying “you can do it go go”

But instead my cheering section is empty,

The obstacles fill with disdain,

Everyone time I try to move forward

There is someone else to blame.

I put it on myself to improve,

But the world just keeps getting crueler,

And the distance becomes a chasm,

And the connections become colder,

Is it that lack of compassion?

Or is it just that we are getting older?

Revealing the grey world that hid under a cloak of hope.

Revealing loneliness from being woke.

We have to find a way to bring these connections closer,

We have to find a way hear each other’s hearts,

Through this we can lift each other up, because building a family is hard,

But building a community is harder.

Friend of the Annoying

Something things break

Sometimes words hit you like a rake

But they are not always meant

Sometimes it is from time spent

Or a broken switch

Maybe even a really annoying itch

But stay there for them

Find out what is wrong and then

You will know your friend better

Maybe even help them get a sweater

Because everyone has issues

Sometimes they just cry with tissues

Or maybe they’re annoying

They can also be cloying

But we can help each other you see

By being a friend that is there for we