We Only Have One World

We only have one world,

One life,

One soul,

Two eyes.

We only have each other,

One mom,

One dad,

Four grandparents,

We only have our air,

One nose,

One mouth,

Two lungs,

We can all come together,

One community,

One city,

One world,

Because if we don’t,

Less trees,

No more bees,

Polluted water for me.

We can make our voices heard,

One email,

One town meeting,

Two million lobbyist.

We can make changes on our own,

And recycle,

Don’t use paper,

Grow food for later,

We can make this love grow,

With compassion,

And a hug,

Even for the bugs.

We can help our world survive,

Plant trees,

Clean water,

Make sure our fight doesn’t falter,

Because we only have one world,

In peril,

Almost sterile,

That we need to save.

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