We are all one Pug

Everyone is particles you see

Even you and me

We fit together,

Very tight to the letter,

More than that,

Everything else I particles in fact,

When it come down to it,

Everything is the same in its pit,

Just electrons and protons,

From the sun to the condom,

Then you realize there is no difference between me or that aspen tree,

There is no difference between space

Or my old home place,

This is why it is important to spread love,

To everyone even the dove,

Because we are all connected,

We need to be all protected

With hugs,

Like the warmth of a pug.

Winter Blues

Temperatures below freezing,

Air so cold your wheezing,

Dark nights full of icy dreams,

Icicles shattering on the scene,

Winds of frost shattering your soul,

Shivering hearts take their toll,

Hope for warmth that will never appear,

You got twelve layers but you need more gear,

When will these subzero temperatures ever lift?

Christmas has come and gone with no more gifts,

But then you see the sun through snowy clouds,

And hope returns you exclaim out loud.

One day the winter blues will go away,

One day it will be warm again from the suns rays,

So you sit by the fire,

And turn your thermostat higher.

Low Wages

The first penny to reach your pocket,

The last cent that is taken,

You take your lamp to hock it,

You paid out all the money you are making,

The cents bleed like tears from yours eyes,

Waking moments are only working time,

Your body crumbles as you try to survive,

As you continue the painfully slow financial climb.

If it was only enough for food,

If it was only enough for transportation,

You want to be one of bachelor apartment dudes,

You want to be able to afford your medication.

But it’s not enough,

The price rises,

Even though you stepped up,

More costs arises.

Then you get an hour,

Just to have it taken away,

You stopped to smell the flower,

One day we can all afford to play.

Get in touch with your Concrete

Corpurlent thoughts flow through my mind,

The world can’t afford its own time,

Humans are a danger,

But they consider themselves strangers,

From the dirt from which they come,

Not even knowing their nourishment is the sun.

They sit by hating the virtues they have been given,

Worrying about every second they are living.

Mother Nature cares about you,

But not for your business or the concrete life you construe,

So get in touch with heart of the earth,

And let your mind have a new peaceful birth.