Night Shift

I don’t often see the morning,

Till now

I don’t often miss sunlight,

I do now

I don’t often fear the sleepiness of silence

Until now

When your morning is flipped Upside down,

When everyday begins at sundown,

When the moon is the brightest thing you see,

It is a creature of the night you will be.

I thought there would be more goths,

I thought there would be more thoughts,

But it is crazy just like dawn,

So I wake another night and move on.

Musings of a Tree in Fall

Every moment my green goes away,

My life shrivels through out the day,

The cold winds and rain do batter,

Contemplating life as a scary matter.

Each moment my branches wish to climb,

But the frost seems to stop me each time.

I know summer will come again but I’m cold,

I will survive this desolate time I am told.

I am barely surviving this isolation,

As the ice turns the world into desolation,

Of the earth which had the sun rays,

And green grass that could grow for days.

I shiver at the thought of it,

And I hope to return to it.