Hopeless Homeless

You plan

And you see,

Time passes

But not with me,

You make

And you create,

It should be profitable,

But it ain’t.

You care,

And you share,

They should take interest,

But their not there.

You are winding up you mind,

Your crying all the time,

The people around the world,

Look at you like you are

The glue of pain.

So you stay,

And you play,

But no can hear you,

Because they stay away.

So you sit,

And you wait,

You think the world should care,

But their late.

So you starve,

And you die,

And this whole time they could help,

But why?

But why?

They don’t care even if you die,

And another walks by,

Just to give you the stink eye,

Fading out of life,

You just sit there and wonder why?

But why?

But why?

Streets You Can’t Eat

Activity often comes in spurts,

Sitting all day can lead to hurt,

Doctors demands,

About how to stand,

And simply trying to find work.

You wonder about these schemes,

And about peoples memes,

As you fight a dollar,

That can’t be hollered,

Starving on streets, you can’t eat.

So we have our demands,

And sit with empty hands,

Crying for more,

But oh so poor,

As someone hoards it all for them self.

Forgetting Moments

That one moment comes,

That one moment goes,

It was remembered as fun,

But you loose details as it flows.

The time goes on,

The days grow long,

But it is not now,

You think about it without raising a brow.

But it was important,

It shouldn’t cloud your judgment,

But now it is disappearing,

Like moving out of range of your hearing,

Is it something you will remember one day?

Or will it finally fade away?

Pay Cut For the Rich

Not getting my way

Drives me insane!

I am not looking for people to do what I say,

I am just looking to make a living my way.

I got a great sales job

You get paid by the sale bub.

Can’t everyone make a living?

Why are companies so bad at giving?

They create pain,

They create disdain,

Instead their CEO could take a smaller cut,

It’s not enough money to put them in a rut.

Money to pay people,

Money to hire people.

So I keep looking for dimes,

Hoping someone will pay for my rhymes.

Glass Thorns

Breaking shards of sharp glass,

Tumbling down the hill and becoming smaller fast.

Their edges becoming more painful,

Their impact destroying the helpful.

As everyone decides to be mean,

You decide to come clean,

To let them know what’s in your heart,

And then you find out that does not set you apart.

Why be in a world of thorns,

When instead we can be in a world without scorn.

Change for Love

Sight and sound confound,

Sun and moon abound,

Days fade away,

Some are gray,

But the mind flutters on,

Focusing on the song,

Of your own view,

That your experience has construed,

But it doesn’t create you,

It doesn’t need to define you,

You can inform new beliefs,

You can learn to get relief,

You can step forward everyday,

You can make your own way,

Once you realize the world is not dull and gray,

You will realize their is a whole community of friends to play.