It’s Happening!!!

Hey everyone,

All the work is now done on my book, so It will be out August 6th on Amazon in both digital and paperback forms. I am really excited about this poetry book, it represents two years of work to create an amazing book and it is finally ready for the presses. Here is a look at the cover. Oh and please support my work and future work at


Smiley6x9 Front Cover

What are you waiting for?

What is the moment you are waiting for?

What is the sign that hangs on the door?

Is the moment ahead or did leave you behind?

Are you free to find it or are you in a bind?

Can you grasp it or does it get away?

Did it move on while you just stayed?

Now it’s time to make your way.

Now it’s time to seize the day.

Politics Creates Misery

We spray the bones of our ancestors in the sky,

Just to watch them die.

They rain down on us like tears,

Causing us to cry with fear.

Politicians say there is no other way,

But the sun feeds us every day.It is our divine right,

So we find something else of which to fight.

We eat the flesh and bones of those at peace,

Not caring from whence came the meat.

The braised smell of pain travels across hungers grave,

Making those who cannot eat insane.

The very blood which we derive our health from,

Creates a disease from which we all succumb.

The world teaches education with a bat,

And not even a football helmet can stop that.

We play games with people lives,

While we ignore others that die.

For compassion to be understood,

It always needs to keep its eye on the greater good.

Spreading Peace Like Jam

Sun shines, but it rains all the time,

The days are long and filled with song,

The world is cracking, will humanity be everlasting?

Our space seems insecure, can we even afford the floor?

Our days out numbered, but the kings still thrive.

Why is it the poor that have to run and hide?

The world can’t see peace, but it can blame.

They hate on charity and worship fame.

So I say to practice your peace,

So I say to give the wheel some grease,

It is time for the charity,

It is time for compassion to spread prosperity.

It is almost here!!!

The book is so close to done, my final proof of the paper back is on the way and everything is in place. It’s time to get excited! The exact release date will be posted soon, but it should be out at the end of July beginning of August. I can’t wait!

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Love and Listening

As I contemplated the problems of anger I sit with hope of compassion. The moment of listening is a moment of caring not evaluating.The moment of speech is the moment of hope for the happiness of another.There are times where we forget that these simple things can change the world if everyone was to practice them. But people cast them aside with points like corrective teaching and false ideas and ideals that need to be changed. Teaching in it essence is loving the other in a way that allows them to be happy. It lets them taste of your knowledge without being forced by it. Because the goal is their smile. These are things everyone needs to try and do more (even me) but I hope one day to better understand and better practice this, and to inspire those around me.