Utter Darkness


Lack of fostering sight

Darkness devoid of fright

Perilous journey that never begins

No thoughts are had, not even sin

Is it getting darker?

Or are you not there?

No getting smarter

With a brain, that never knew care

As the nothingness closes in, there is less of me

As the void swallows, I forget what it is to be

Just one last second do I exist

This is the last thought there is to this.

Alone at the end

Striking resemblance to a lonely day,

Got money to spare but no one to play,

No longer waiting for the friends that are late,

Feeling alone in my opinions in this big state.

The worlds seems smaller but we are alone,

Was it something wrong for which I must atone,

With every second that passes I hope it grows closer,

with time we are all reduced to a loner

Starting a New Life

Tangled masses of brandy wine branches,

With turbidity I smash my through,

Sullied with blood like a war of the clandestine,

I finally find my way to you,

As our gaze locks I see the oceans soft waves in your eyes,

But behind them a morbid blasphemy arises.

You can’t keep your mind from flowing,

As the smile washes from your face,

It’s as if a moral war is still going,

I try to put myself in your place,

Something bad has happened?

Could it be a kidnapping?

My ears open like the damns to a river,

I wait for your words to trickle forward,

They don’t come as I beckon the hither,

So instead you lead me towards,

A lava filled lake,

I can still hear the quakes,

What we had of a house is gone,

But we survived without moving beyond.

Our lives in disarray,

We have nothing left this day.

Time to renew,

As our new lives ensue.

The prickled porcupine of creating a life,

Wearing masks of blood and desperation,

Boldly fighting the beggar of strife,

As we finally turn on the light of incubation.

Can we succeed?

Where will this lead?