Pain in the Past

Why does pain always come,

Why are the best things always undone,

It leave crying on the floor,

Putting the pieces together from your drawer.

How do you make something last,

When the best part of it is in the past?

How do you move forward in life,

When you leave behind a husk broken in strife?

Universe on Repeat

Broken tubes of mind control,

Cracking foundations that got to go,

Fraternizing machines,

Showing off their green,

Saying the same thing,

Wearing the same bling.

The universe is on repeat,

Always making it harder to compete.

Self assured destruction,

Trains crashing at a junction,

Lions eating the poor,

Putting spikes on their floor,

Breaking down their door,

Watching while you snore.

If you could just step outside yourself,

And see how silly it is even with wealth,

Then we wonder why

It is so serious under the sky,

Especially when we all die.

It’s time to enjoy your pie.

The search for more money.

Fuck I need money!

Why do I need money?

Why is money important?

The dirty green paper,

That always leaves you later.

A system everyone participates in,

Even if it leaves them broken in the end.

But we look down on those that are broke,

We have no compassion for those we think are jokes,

We put space between friends,

That can’t manage their money in the end.

There is no need to hate there,

Not everyone has money like fleas.

There is a need to fix the money go round,

With a standard of living above ground.

Because if everyone can’t participate,

Then it won’t be fixed if you intimate,


Missed Encounters

Missed encounters

Cause people to flounder.

If you start flaking out

It can cause people to go the rage rout.

But one step missed,

Can lead to a kiss,

Because you meet someone else,

You find a new way to help,

Your day gets mixed up,

A bump caused you to spill your cup.

If it is fortune indeed,

Then it can create a creed,

Of people walking around lost,

And constantly looking for lust.

Angry and Creepy

What is wrong with the creepy people,

Why do they need to complain?

What is wrong with the angry people,

Why are they mad every day?

If your hurting inside,

You at least need a guise,

Until you find a friend,

Who can help you mend,

The broken piece of your soul,

So you don’t become a troll.

P.S. there are groups out there for you so there is no excuse to act this way.

Walk out.

Why is it every day,

I go to work anyway,

No depression can stop me,

No ailment can deter me,

Is it because I am making the world better?

Or is it because I need to buy a new sweater?

Either way we need to seize the day where the world doesn’t suck.

Either way we need to be able to retire without luck.

The system is broken as you all know,

It’s just the rich with the poor in tow.

Get out there and make a change,

But not just a way to rearrange,

Everyone has to be able to stand,

Everyone even those from other lands.