Subversive and Repurposed

How many times can the world break you?

Will ever find all the pieces that made you?

You see the child’s sense of wonder,

And you think did I lose mine in some blunder?

The piece are jagged because societies knife is dull,

The money is small so they can hold you in a lull.

The escape is possible if you leave your sanity behind.

But resisting the construct is considered mad and not fine.

But work to better it from the inside,

Watch powers squash you when you make strides.

If the world cared it wouldn’t be scared,

And everyone is to fragmented to gain power by becoming pairs.

So live your days as well as you can,

A change the minds to help make a stand.

Which way the world blows.

Sedate times or trouble times?

Simple plans or the overbearing man?

How you see determines what will be,

Unless your fate is decided by some richy.

Which one of these worlds exists truly?

How can it be explained succinctly?

Everyday your eyes open,

Everyday your food is scooping.

But these task do not determine trajectory,

Societies structure does however determine your sanity.

If you abide,

You will get by,

But poor is not getting by,

It turns out obedience is the lie.

Invisible walls

The world is one step away,

You scream but they can’t hear you say,

Remove the wall,

It should be a hall.

The sound is not clear,

You know they can’t hear,

So you say it loud,

You want to join the crowd.

What is this wall we see?

The internet was suppose to connect me.

What is this space we find?

Is anyone lonely feeling fine?

Can’t we be together today?

Let’s go outside and play.

Times Song

Times sad song,

Is always moving along,

It wants to be happy,

But is filled with boredom and misery.

Times patient gaze,

Knows there will be an end of days,

For every person it consumes,

Because it has always got to make room.

Times never ending climb,

Always has you in mind,

It helps you every day,

And always spares time to play.

Is time that bad?

Is time that sad?

Or is it us,

Our enlightenment is on the cusp.

Mad Kind Money

My heart is in pain and this contributes to rage.

My mind is in peril and this contributes to the world seeming sterile.

The land is flux and the systems have broken cruxes.

The people are poor and the millionaires score.

We have to move forward to begin,

We have to recognize greed as sin.

The game is money,

But it is not funny.

People are dying,

Because power is lying.

There is cash for you too,

We can afford homeless food.

Break the bonds you are not in,

Show them that greed is a sin.

Move the world in the right direction,

Compassion and community become our protection.

To make this change,

So it will never happen again.

That world can be one,

That there can be peace under this sun.

Why do you Toil?

Why do you try?

Is it so you don’t die?

Be a slave to the system,

Always stay on mission.

You days grow few,

Your life ends soon.

But you work away,

Each and everyday.

If you have kids you have a reason,

Well not unless they commit treason.

They are just another cog in the system,

Staying on mission.

Your fingers grow numb,

You get pains in your thumb,

But there is two free days,

You have to work anyway.

Always trying to get ahead,

But instead working till dead.

The world needs to see it chains,

But they think someone has to do this anyway.

Automation is here,

No work no fear.

The jobs are minimal,

The constraints are subliminal.

Grow your community,

Grow your friends,

There is another way for this to end,

Creating a trading continuity,

Bots growing our food,

Distributing it too.

The drones will deliver,

Even diets to make you slimmer.

We just have to give up on the greedy,

Work together with the needy,

To create a new earth,

To give peace a new birth.

Changes need to be made!

How can the world deny?

How can the world comply?

Why is it we go on?

Singing this lie of song.

The real answer has been said,

We don’t want the world dead.

The real answer has been told,

Non renewable resources must fold.

We will al die,

If you don’t change the tide.

The answer for peace,

Is compassion at least.

The answer to poverty,

Is not the lottery,

But standard of living,

Living wages need to be given.

The answer to corruption,

Is an end to government,

Governing you ethics.

The government needs to distribute,

The people can then contribute.

It is a mutual circle,

The country is a hotel for you.

We can all get by,

We can all survive,

Now work together,

Things will get better.

To Much News

Some much complaining,

People think it is entertaining,

So much violence,

Does it help with compliance?

Why are we bombarded everyday,

Why does the answer have to be oppression anyway?

What could go so wrong if we thought for ourselves?

Just chaos and a loss of power the Kings felt.

We have to move forward as a community,

It is the only way to create a new reality.