This or that

Anxiety tied to excitement

Hypocrisy tied to late rent

Have you ever seen

The one who cleans

To find a quarter more?

Always looking for the next score.

Empty bank tied to capitalism

Healthcare tied to socialism

Have you ever been

The one to rescind

A business offer?

It’s money or it’s fodder.

Being tied to existential thought

Happiness in a paradise lost

Haven’t you ever

Imagined life could be better?

So go out and make it

It’s charity you can’t mistake it.

Compassion Not a Rat Race

Everyone around you is just a pale image of greed,

Everyone around you only cares when they have needs.

There has to be a point, where the world can find care,

We have to stop ignoring each other, when we are there.

Have you ignored a guy at your door?

Have you ever ignored someone you pass on the floor?

Why does everyone feel the need to be superior?

Why is it more important to care about home interior?

Everyone you meet,

Everyone you greet,

Has something important to say,

But they might not feel like it today.

Be careful with depression,

Be careful with oppression.

Everyone has a power to wield,

That can crack another persons shield.

Get your empathy going,

Get your smile showing,

Because if the world is going to be a better place,

It has to be based on compassion, not a rat race!


Forward Complaining

Crippling thoughts of what ailes me

Negative signs around me I see

Departures instead of arrivals

Garbage instead fruitful piles

Glass going bad

Even half full is sad

Why can’t my thoughts be bright?

Why is every word in language so uptight?

Make all their minds happy

And I complain

Make all the money in the world mine

And I complain

It’s not because I want to

Happy is what I should do

Compassion is the helper we all need

Charity helps everything to just be.

Daily Prompt: Percussive

via Daily Prompt: Percussive

Drums and the Forest:

The beat comes to my knees,

Creates the bouncing of the bees,

As the sonic waves close in,

The thunderous percussive beat begins,

In the forest the sound echoes,

But this music isn’t techno,

Everyone gathers near,

It is the drums they wanna hear,

As it get louder,

The animals cower,

Every one loves the sound,

As they dance all around.

Thinking about Peace

I wish I had the words to say,

I wish I read the script to the play,

In dawns early light,

I am still thinking alright.

I know that someone can say,

In a very convincing way,

That there needs to be world peace

All the war in the world needs to cease!

But those words escape me,

People tried who predate me,

So I will keep thinking

But never shrinking

From the task at hand

From Peace the master plan.

Charity Race

I have a pain in brain,

I have a mission but its gone sideways,

I wanted to make peace,

I wanted to create treats,

Can’t somebody find what these words mean?

Can’t somebody help me turn into a profitable meme?

The world needs these pieces,

Charity and peace are good reasons,

The words continue to grow,

But I have yet to cash and sew,

I write, I play all day,

But the isolation stays,

I wish I wasn’t obsessed with me,

In every single way,

Everyone else calls it survival,

I call it an evil denial,

The world is screaming in pain,

We flush peoples dreams down the drain,

You all have to be insane, if you want it to continue this way!

Let get together and create a Utopian place to stay.

The years have slipped by,

And loneliness makes me cry,

My passion is damage by pain,

Every attempt is a major strain,

Find your peaceful deeds,

Put away all forms of greed,

lets get together in the street,

Lets share the food we have to eat,

Lets make this a better place,

Let charity be your only race!