Shysters Pain

Crazy shysters causing me pain,

By excommunicating me what would they gain?

Their grandiose plan,

To pan handle from the man,

Portraying me as evil and insane,

Pushing others buttons and fanning the flame,

Their inherent greed,

Undercover it seems,

Does this plan profit from a misunderstanding?

Or is it some form of pleasure sense enhancing?

Their evil plot,

Hurts people a lot,

They move one step closer to removing their saint,

But the religion is a misnomer for their power hungry taint.

Extracted now,

I begin to scowl.

Eyes illuminate the evil idea,

Claiming inclusivity like Pangea.

Uncovered now their fit,

Their evil plan set adrift.

Will the excommunicated ever be welcomed back in?

Will the inundation of lies ever begin to thin?

Learn to accept others so stand,

Even if you can’t understand.

Lack of Attention

Time to try,

Don’t ask why,

Be here, be there,

Don’t loose care,

Pain blocks my mind,

Digressions suck time,

Locked in a struggle,

On the bubble,

Pen to paper,

Maybe later,

Vacillating ways,

Wavering displays,

Get back to the task,

Take a break to bask,

Will I ever begin,

Concentration is not built-in.

Slaves without End

Every generation is slaves,

Why aren’t we looking for equalities way?

Everyone is stuck in the murk,

Why can’t we lift each other up instead of being jerks?

Everyone wants a good life for the friends,

Doesn’t that include you in the end?

Put other people first,

And work compassionately but never spread hurt.

Charities eye is always in the sky,

The sun’s eye is made of fire and this is why you will die.

Communities can become stronger,

When everyone is included they last longer.

So take time out this very day,

To smile and do something in a compassionate way.

Don’t leave us behind

In peoples broken lives they are often forced to fantasize,

About how their moral creed should be publicized.

In review no one is immune to thinking of greed,

And narcissistic tendencies result in a infatuation with ones own creed.

This is causing the creation of intertwining circles,

Thus making the ingrade feel they are expanding out into the untold.

But falsity does beset those most in tune with what they want to create,

These same are often miffed when others come and inundate.

The union of the planet is much greater than the sum of it intricacies,

As the platoons of similars fall beneath the buildings and bridges and are considered fallacies.

But as the barren and sub par similars are trampled underfoot,

Remember the luck and fiction, the pain and stricken that got you your nook.

This is why the preacher should stress charity and compassion,

For the sake of every unlucky person without fashion.

Because in the end we are the same in someway,

But only the lucky don’t end up in the grave or insane.

Selfless or cowardice

Predator and pray

But not this day

If you take away

Your need to stay

Some call it selfless

Some call it courage

Some call it cowardice

But your free from harm

How can we continue to fight

When the world is full of plight

How can we continue in strife

Can’t you see this is not right

Fear from the unknown

Fear from the known

Fear when you moan

As the bodies are thrown

But the way forward is peace

Charity without a lease

Always compassion not as s treat

It can be done with out meat

Compassion Opens Doors

Look to your right

Look to your left

Its not about rent

Its about whats right

Look down at your toes

But never look down your nose

Give a chance to every person you meet

Realize first impression don’t repeat

What you can see is a friend

What you don’t want is for life to end

I say what I think

But I can only bring you to the brink

This compassion is yours

And it can open new doors.

Peaceful and Amused

Incantations can hardly make up for incarceration.

Retribution for the moral confusion.

Painful days have come to play.

Hateful desires add fuel to the fire.

Fighting obligations on a daily rotation.

This world spins out of your control more than you know.

Fighting each day as you lost the will to play.

Why can’t the dreams we work so hard for come true?

Why can’t people be peaceful and amused?

Love is Everyone

We sit on laurels of separation,

Declaring differences fascinating.

But in tune with the energy around us,

Is the very thing that unites us.

It doesn’t matter if we are different,

Love is a language spoken in compliments.

The introspection everyone has,

Finding love will make them all glad.

So we see that everyone is the same,

And that no race can define loves name.

You realize that through this complicated dance of charity,

That love is universal there is no disparity.

We all get to play

Why does the world look so drab when you don’t want to do something?

Why does you mind race when you are waiting for something?

Why is everyone ok with drudgery for a measly thing?

Why does everyone think it is ok to not help each other with a thing?

Have we lost our compassion?

Have we lost our own way?

Is there no loyal faction?

Can we be nice when we say,

I truly want to do charity.

Open your eyes to clarity,

That there is a better way,

When generosity is on the table we all get to play.