Find Friends

Why do we keep putting things in the way of companionship?

Why do avoid creating in person friendships?

Is touching another really that much of a bother?

It is just like hugging your son or daughter.

Everyday is a missed opportunity,

To make new friends and create unity,

We all need hug,

We can’t find love in a mug.

So help out your friends,

And make sure your smile blend,

With new people around you,

and find new friendships too.

Because it is not about if we are different,

Or if we can afford to pay our monthly rent,

Its about opening your eye lens,

And making everyone feel better in the end.


Late for #NationalPoetryDay


I am late for National Poetry Day,

Even though I posted on that day,

Who keeps track of holidays,

That seem to relate to what you have to say?

So here I stay,

the only one posting after #NationalPoetryDay

Because I am in another land where I like to play.

I hope people smile when they hear what I have to say.


Worth whiled.

Everyone needs a reason,

Otherwise why are you speaking?

Mine is to inform,

and to be different from the norm,

I spread through words,

I talk about charity, have you heard?

But I can only do art,

My talents are wide but all pieces of my art.

I work very hard each day,

I am always thinking about a new way.

We have to learn that everyone is different,

That every skills in art or business is pertinent.

You have to see what makes us special,

Community can improve our threshold.

As we become more intertwined,

Digging deeper into each others mind,

You will find unity,

and different opportunities,

to make a person smile,

and use your skills for something worthwhile.

Art and Charity

Watch out what words you say,

And who you betray,

Because they may stick,

Because they may not stay,

The brush is thick,

In the dark you light a wick,

But they hear you some way,

And you can’t say its a trick.


Of all the hate put forth,

It is informed by the wrong source,

No news stream is right,

Your just mad your cash flow is short.

So now you want to fight,

Bring people to your plight,

But war is already par for the course,

Instead make compassion the light.


A right for every hand,

A right for all the land,

It is something done with sincerity,

Even if you give a song from your band.

Because we all need to get clarity,

That every single person deserves prosperity,

In the end it is about all that art demands,

And how much you did for charity.


A Taste for Peace

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Peace, and Generosity go hand in hand,
Compassion and Charity can move across the land.
If you reach deep inside you will know,
That these types of actions can make love flow.

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Compassionate Deeds Plant The Seeds

In times of trouble,

You have to get out of your bubble,

In times of pain,

Don’t sit counting your gains,

In times of hurt,

Love will never cause girth,

We can move forward with our lives,

We can create communities that strive.

All the people on the earth,

Have the capacity for love at birth.

For every compassionate deed,

You plant a seed,

Because this soil you sew,

Is full of Charity, you know?

So treat each other compassionately,

and give to those who need money,

Because in a world that cares,

We can finally overcome fear.


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I Need to Work

Simple times have been left behind.

I never trained,

even when the fun refrained.

The world needs to better,

But that doesn’t keep it from getting wetter.

We have to have room to see.

Even if there is someone in front of me.

You have move on,

You have to remain calm.

If we all get our way,

It would be confusion, instead of a Utopian way.

Work as a community hand in hand,

Work very hard so compassion can fill the land.

And then one day, you might

See this as a wonderful place to stay.


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Go Against Evil’s Bite

I see all the destruction, of which there is no function.

I see all the hatred, which leaves no one elated.

I wait for more time, I look for that next dime.

I am sealed in bubble, while others die in the rubble.

Neither option is good, and we have all withstood,

The trouble this world has brought us, and unrealized dreams that it has fought us.

With each step forward, we move backwards,

we every achievement, their is more conceitment

But we struggle on, like the lyrics to a sad song.

We have to move forward in a meaningful way, We can’t keep struggling for small gains.

We can create compassion in this earth,

And we can give the love of community a new birth.

Because no one should be left out of prosperity,

and every single person should do charity.

We all are given only this one life,

and we need to go against evil’s bite.