Solace and Compassion

Solace and shamans we wait for the world to have something in common.
Apathy and misery the world seems lost in disarray.
Pain and heartache are something in which everyone partakes.
Hope and joy need to be the guiding lights but everyone is so coy.
Ambition and greed leaving almost everyone with less than they need.
Compassion and unity is important when you finally understand community.

People are Evil

Trying an Angry poem this time.

The world is horrible and people are evil. Every one of them thinks they are Evil Knievel.  They are whiny crap holes, who never even created a pothole. They all think money’s important, that they are too busy as they vote for their own deportment. They pour the bones of their dead ancestors on the street, but it is their shallow self importance that reeks. So screw your self promoting insincerity and instead help your community with charity. -Ben Smiley


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