War begets war, no one can win when everyone wants to win. Fight begets Fight, no one can win and all that caused is strife. Hate begets Hate, unhappiness awaits when we embrace this fate. Violence begets Violence, when everyone is dead, all their will be is silence. BUT! Love begets Love when everyone is involved all their is hugs. Caring begets Caring, what happens when we help each other make the clothes we are wearing. Charity begets Charity, when we realize when are one earth working together merrily. Peace begets Peace, will help us realize that the most important thing is the earth beneath our feet.

Share with Others

A simple day a simple way, we can encapsulate peace as we begin to eat. Because everyone at the table is always welcome and able, to join us to eat, to participate in our peace. Everyday in every way we need to work together, that way we can make something better. Even if Lou doesn’t continue to pursue the food, we can bring home our share and help her out there. Every single person need a break from their vision, as it can become quite large and over barring like a barge. We all need a network to help us impart a feeling of compassion, to make our house feel like a mansion. Because if you have friends then there is an end to evil that pursues, as your mind can become occluded.