Bad Gun

Its not the size of your gun, or if it is fatter, it is that you have one that is all that matters. It is not defense, it is just recompense. Because of the validity you sign away you liquidity. The only way it works is when you point away from the forks and aim it at you. Because only through seeing what your opponents sees, can you finally see what it means. It means pain, it means disdain, it mean hate and it means you are irate. If you need it to feel strong, then you are a bomb, if you need it feel great, then you have sealed you own fate. It is not cool, you are not a fool, but unable to accept, and probably filled with regret, about the world and its change, or the fact someone found you lame. You can hunt and kill the runt, but unless it is trained on you, you will never understand, that families need for food. To see the mom cry and she wonders why, you would kill the unarmed, just because you where protecting your farm. Learn to use your words, instead of firing out turds. because no war is worth fighting, when the bullets come biting. No war is helpful, because death is indebtful, you will never live down, the person you made frown, you will never abound, the family you let down. Choose your words carefully, and talk through problems thoughtfully. The we can begin to heal the fin, that you maimed, when you became untamed.


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