Phoning it in.

Passing through these crazy moments in time. I often feel like my emotions are my bind. Some days I am happy and productive. Other days I am mad and destructive. If you could see into my heart, you would see that my brain is sad, when it is suppose to be smart. I often feel confused, sometimes I misuse. If I could find a guide, I would probably just hide. It is not that I hate life you see, it is just that I wish that I had the keys. Depending on others, while wondering if they are going to smother, me. Sometimes it is fun, but other times I wish it was done, as in retired, out of this quagmire. Free to sleep in, having time to clean your rubbish bin. Because some days we want to relax,  and those days you wish you could send a fax. I won’t be in, as they throw your fax in a bin.


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