Simply I do

Sometimes it seems simply I do. But most times it is hard to construe. Working tirelessly in vain, most of the time my back is in pain. But here I can’t be mean, here are words, that until now, have remained unseen. I find the faults and expose the cults, to create something new, it is what I enjoy to do. If you follow the rules, then you recreate the tools. Instead I want to make something new. I hope it is liked by more than the few. The words resonate, and the palate dictates, that I will keep writing about this compassionate fate.  If your heart is torn, if your mind is worn, then listen to me, charity can be, a way to feel better. It doesn’t even have to come in the form of a sweater. All the world can see the compassion, but little do they know this key to peace everlasting.


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