Their Crap

After one day I made my way, After two I fell into the fray. Why is it so hard to stay? Everyday I look at the way we see. Everyday I look at what they want me to be. Everyday I just want to run free. Sometimes it sad, sometimes I am glad, but most of the time I just feel bad. I don’t want to complain, I don’t want to make a stain, but this world is evil and full of disdain. So I decided to teach, I decided to preach, that we can make the world reach, even greater heights, if we work together with our might. That is the might of our mind, our love for humankind, working together we will get out of the bind. Each day I am trying, to find a way to keep people from dying, and to convince those that are lying, that we are not buying into their crap. So there’s that!


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