We can finally speak.

Compassion for the sun and beach.

Splashing to stay afloat, the life of someone meek.

Crashing down to the seafloor, the resting place of the weak.

Dashing through the daily grind, as we look for a monetary peak.

Smashing through the sands, we work hard to find what we seek.

Lashing out with our words, in retirement we can finally speak.


Sincerity or Scarcity?

Sincerity is at an all time scarcity.

We work wearily, faking genuine clarity.

Happily we count our money, Clumsily we fake being sunny.

The days pass on, looking up from the traffic at the sun.

As we continue our con, because the CEO has won.

But at night we fawn, and let our minds be free until dawn.

We work towards something better, as we fill out our resignation letter.

We move to sexy seas to get wetter, and then we tell everyone we never felt better.

Compassion can be Everlasting

What more can I say about compassion. Because it contains the word passion, it should be everlasting. No instead it is something you teach, not something you can leach, not something that happens while your being lazy on the beach. Everyday you have to work hard to say. It is not just your words it is the way. It is putting food on someones else’s tray. Can you see why it is so important? We have to do something more than be dormant. But once it is done you can earn an endorsement. Then it become more than charity. It can even be helping someone reach a state of hilarity. Once you prioritize it you will find clarity. Compassion can be everlasting.


Hi Eveyone!!!!

I am working hard on more content, and baking cookies! Looking forward to hearing more great poems and creating more prose for everyone to read.  The project is now two months in and with sixty poems already written it is looking like a great book. I am aiming to get 365 poems in it by the time I publish it. Now you can get behind the scene access, first look at the poems and more go to https://www.patreon.com/pleasestophurtingtheworld     All the proceeds go to help me with the book and make more time for my poetry. Thank you for all your support and great ideas!


so your quote for the day is:  A compassionate act never made anyone’s day worse.

Close to Part of Your Heart

Once in a while, I turn the dial, to move on the sea, to find out what is me. Sometimes I find, that if I can bind, up in my ways and set free the days, I can tend to be something more free. If I feel the anecdote, I always tend to connote, that world can be, a better place than it seems to be. So won’t you follow me, on this stream, as we see what we can gleam, and become part, of the place in peoples heart.