A beginning community

Wondrous intentions aside, I wonder if we could collide when our minds talk about freedom in stock? A staple at the fray, is just a day away, until we can come to conclusion, that there is more to this allusion. Instead of just one way, we need to create it, in a inclusive way, where every understands that it is more than just glimmer for our land. All lands are great and every person can relate, that together we can be more than just free. Moving forward together through community, Ever toward another way, where we all become family. Because it is through generosity, the propensity we all have for charity, that we can start to see a place for all who need. A place to feel fulfilled through your own charity. Once we work with in our selves and once our parts come together to propel, we can help the world excel. Not just in charity but in clarity.


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