Requested Poem #2 Personal Consciousness

It is hard to look at who we are. When we look in the mirror we cannot see that far. We we look to our friends, and we see reflections of them. Within our loves heart we see what brings us together, in part. Who are we? Where can we finally see? If you want to know me you got to know me. If you want to understand me, for even that I plea. As far as we can go with meditation, we can learn more in our procrastination. But sometimes through retrobation, we can elucidate our excitation. Through what makes us happy and what gives us peace. We can move beyond the trap of we, to what gives our heart warmth like fleece. Eventually you will find that every time, you look deeper, with your peepers, you can find out more, maybe even something you will adore. So begin the search inward, to define yourself,  and as you move closer towards, what it is to be the self. We can all begin, to find out more, with a happy grin.


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