Blunder away from pain

Admonished and abolished, time stand still. Unrequited and Unregulated someone else gets the bill. Emboldened and Empowered, they still haven’t had their fill. Innumered and Unencumbered, they keep complaining till. Shocked and Sorrowed, they realize the place they went was harrowed, by the ravages of pain, its becoming to late to explain. No matter how deep your grief or important your street. You have to see something bigger, and not use hate as a trigger. The only path becomes peace, we must stray from the meat. Because in our hunger we made a blunder, of loving things, instead of people. We misappropriated our compassion, and instead focused on fashion. We need to move beyond and all sing a song, because the 60’s were right, it is not about the fight. It is about the peace we need, and giving up on greed.


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