If you have to use these, then you cannot see.

Sanctions, factions, they are all just words not actions. Pain and hurt, we must refrain from being curt. Hate and loathing, this fate is just bemoaning. Greed and jealousy, have never freed the heavenly. War and appropriation, just a step to far towards incarceration.            If you have to use these, then you cannot see, what you already have, and why you should be glad. Think of your family, you can all live happily. Think of you health, it is much more important then wealth. Because if your dead, you can not be fed and there will be no money bed. Think of your ego, stroking it is a placebo. Think of your heart, something which other people take part. That is the point, compassion can keep you from the disappoint -ment.  That is why, if you die, without a community to love or a family to hug, then no one will heed you. Please spend your life spreading the generous glue. That can become you, and which through, you can make it to, a point you want to be, where you see others glee, and finally love happily.


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