A beginning community

Wondrous intentions aside, I wonder if we could collide when our minds talk about freedom in stock? A staple at the fray, is just a day away, until we can come to conclusion, that there is more to this allusion. Instead of just one way, we need to create it, in a inclusive way, where every understands that it is more than just glimmer for our land. All lands are great and every person can relate, that together we can be more than just free. Moving forward together through community, Ever toward another way, where we all become family. Because it is through generosity, the propensity we all have for charity, that we can start to see a place for all who need. A place to feel fulfilled through your own charity. Once we work with in our selves and once our parts come together to propel, we can help the world excel. Not just in charity but in clarity.

Scared to see the real me

It’s always scary if they see your pain, because in their disdain they attack and maim. Your eyes grow colder and become bolder, will you have to run? Because fighting is not fun. You grow weary, their intentions are leery. Will they expose the real you, will your nudity come into view? You have but one shot, you don’t give it thought, you lash out with words, so what you said seems absurd. They laugh and move on, happy your check mate with a pawn.

The Sweat and the Deal

Emotional lagging can often seem like haggling. But as we walk towards the door, pretending we’re poor, Proportional forces push into our mind like courses, in school. We begin to hear, there may be other deals. We Initiate our competitive state looking to find a way to make the price relative. We see opportunity in dollar signs, and realize the deal making may continue in perpetuity. ¬†Sweating and lying, the sales person continues like he is dying. We may be able to close the deal, like finally and for real. Executives above stare mockingly down, as the sales person runs to us flockingly. Because they know their money will still flow, and out of the sales person’s pocket it will go. So it’s a deal for us says the sales person in disgust.


Bumbling people causing fumbling problems, always when robbing others of their dignity. Crumbling towers can fall for hours, Buildings on the other hand can bring showers. Snorkeling undersea can lead to something fishy, Chortling on the other hand can memorize me.  So then the questions is Рis this rhyming or is it something in the timing, that made you enjoy what you see.

Share with others

A simple day a simple way, we can encapsulate peace as we begin to eat. Because everyone at the table is always welcome and able, to join us to eat, to participate in our peace. Everyday in every way we need to work together, that way we can make something better. Even if Lou doesn’t continue to pursue the food, we can bring home our share and help her out there. Every single person need a break from their vision, as it can become quite large and over barring like a barge. We all need a network to help us impart a feeling of compassion, to make our house feel like a mansion. Because if you have friends then there is an end to evil that pursues, as your mind can become occluded.



Spirit, is not for one, but it can bring fun. Spirit is not just for prayer although that can take you there. Spirit is in the air, as we should all be aware. Spirit is everywhere, even in there. We want to see that everyone who can be, can be linked in with me. We want to see that everyone is one, and no one is left out in the sun. We want to be aware, that all who care, can be part of us there. We want you to love, because that above can make us come together to create the most powerful spirit in the air.

Make time for the rest

We look at the world coldly. We complain that people are moldy. We move towards thinking we are better, but unfortunately its not even our sweater. The words that bind, can become unkind. The way we feel, can hurt others zeal. In times of pain, we only play games. We have to understand the other, because earth is all of our mother. Together in our mind, together in the time. Once we look at what we can do, once we understand that we can share half our food. We can make the world better, we can even do it in a letter. So make time for the rest, and through that you can become the best.