Injustice they see

In the pain I realize, how everyone rationalize, the injustices they see, or maybe they just flee, to their couches and corners, and away from the foreigners. But this is all made up, it is just stupid stuff. To scare you today, so that compliance you will play. They want you to begin the day with fear, and want you to walk around like deer. Instead of compliance it caused pain, instead of conformity it caused anger to stain. We all work hard and cry, yet pain is forced on us, as we wonder why. Life would better, if news, was only about happy weather. Life would be great, if we didn’t have to wait. Instead we could have fun, and try to live some. A day could be beautiful, a life fulfilling and mutual, If we worked for each other, instead of against one another.  We could address the needs, instead of greeds. We could fight for peace, instead of calling people freaks. We could care for the dead, instead of creating funeral beds. We could help the poor, and assist local stores. If we could clear our mind, from the evils behind, every ad we see, we could be who we want to be.


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