Holiday Beard

I’d like to tell the tale, of the man in beard, who wasn’t weird. He wore red, and rarely got out of bed. But one day a year, he spread cheer. A every kid had glee, as the presents dropped with speed, under your tree, and down the chimney. We all look up with amazement, where did he come from, our basement? After that days is done, he is tired from fun, and heads back home, all alone. Is he sad, that it is only one day? Or is it for generosity, he prays? The rest of the year is snow, the rest of the year, he gives no bows. The message he sends is of charity, the point he hopes to make is clarity, that you should give throughout the year, and always spread cheer. So that everyone can be happy, with hope, and not forced to mope. Because when you see that smile, you will be happy for a while, but you still need to do more. Go on to that next door, and treat every day, like it is a new chance to say: Generosity is here, lets spread the cheer!


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