It’s billions of degrees in the land of the free

It’s billions of degrees in the land of the free. We lack millions of cheese on which we need, to feed. We fight for energy, we pay for allergies. We fight for freedom, accepting condemnation.  It’s getting down to the end. We still want to fend, off the changes, and the rearranges, that make us better, that creates our sweaters, with out us. So we can be free, and then their is no need, to work. We can follow our dreams and someday it will seem like it is all automated, but when the price is relegated to free, and  we can be who we want to be. Wouldn’t you want to see the dream, of a land for all, where there is no one to fall, and once and for all, we can explain the gain, of distribution and inclusion? Every thing is distributed, everyone has attributed their goals, to their means, the throws of their art and ability to not have to clean. We can create a new world, we can include the unfurled, we can move forward in time, and leave the past behind.


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