WE not you and me

I feel hated, I feel despised. I feel elated but it is just a disguise. I feel pain, I feel despair. I think of fame, and nice hair.  You feel contempt, and then you judge. You feel redemption is the way to move above. I feel spiritual, I feel intune. You hate habitual ly, and change unwilling ly. I can’t change but I want to. You can change but  don’t want to. I feel to deeply, you think it is unseemly. I feel sad, you mock people and are glad. We both hate, but we need to relate, through peace, maybe a niece. We can break bread, we can help people get fed. We can move on, but we will still long for what we give each other, and how we need one and another. We can’t seem to see, that is together we want to be. We can’t seem to see it is cooperation for you and me.


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