Have Some Fun

They say you have to fight for this earth! but your not included because of your birth. They say you have to listen to the law. You are shunned when you open your maw. They say you have to work for a living. You are poor because you care more about giving. They say you have ignore what others say. The others make sense in a simpler way. They say you can’t fight what is already inside you. I had spaghetti and now I have to fight that food? They say that you can’t speak your mind. But tell me then when is the right time? The worlds needs to be better our views are not the same quite often it seems like there is tons of change. We all must care, even if our views differ there is no need to despair. We can all work together, we can all become one. If we all see our views have some things in common where others have none. Give up your stance and stop with your rants. We can all speak together as one, if we all get off our chairs and have some fun.


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