New Year together

Its a new year, we celebrate with beer. Its a new day, we celebrate with hooray. Its a new resolution, do not become disillusioned. In this way we can see, every day is just like thee. In this way we play, working hard every single day. In this way we can improve, so that we do not feel like glue.  Everyday is a new opportunity, to work hard on creating unity. Every day is a new chance, so that we can learn to dance. Everyday is a new action, so we can break down diverse factions. Lets accept them into ourselves, so they can feel the love themselves. Lets accept the others pride, because it is not us who decides. Lets accept the differences, so that nothing is offensive. I hope that for you, can all being to contribute, to a new world, so that we can be part of the pearl.


Make it work for you

I feel the frustration, I feel a lack of contemplation. When people tell me it is easy, It only makes me feel queasy. When I get mad, I cannot be glad. When I feel hate, I need to get irate. But you know what? None of this needs to matter but, pursuing my needs in life, and making it great to avoid strife. Every day I try, and often wonder why, but now I see, what was so easy, is that I was meant to be, what is me, I didn’t have to change, I did have to rearrange, so that the best of myself, could show itself. So that everyday I could pursue my passion, and everyday I could live without clashing. So my advice to you, is look at what you can do, and find a way to make it work for you.

A new day today

Brand new fires, electric wires. We are all part of fate, we can all find a date. We work together for more, get uneasy when we are bored. Working for a better future, trying to protect ourselves from the looters. Trying to avoid the rage, instead just turning the page. Moving forward in time, Trying to improve our mind. Seems like others stand still, Seems like some are just shills. We can gain the power, We can have our hour, A place to spread peace, to create a way to connect and meet. We can’t go back in time, but we can start earning our dime. We can begin to mend, Stick to our morals and not bend. We can see that yesterday, Can still teach us anyway. We can be better, just by writing a letter.

You are Unique

Why do I have to follow whats popular? Why should I see the same things with my ocular? Why can’t I sound different? Why is the next note in a song apparent? Is it the influencers we need to get to be successful? Or is it being different that will give us the money to be able to be restful? Can’t we all appreciate the differences? Can’t we stop finding out what is popular through television? We can move forward and be who we want to be, but only if we see our uniqueness is important to me, and you and everyone in the pool. Be who want to be and let them see, what you are uniquely.



When your sick, you feel ick. When you feel unhealthy you do not feel wealthy. When your health is low, you will never glow. Unless it is with a fever, which makes it hard to be a weaver. You sit with a runny nose, in a really undignified pose. You sit with messy hair, Sometimes you don’t care, who stares. We all want to get better, put our sickness in a letter and send it off for ever. But you will not be sick for long, and soon your voice will be filled with song. When the day comes, you are over it, and you’ll say a quick goodbye to mucus and spit.

Injustice they see

In the pain I realize, how everyone rationalize, the injustices they see, or maybe they just flee, to their couches and corners, and away from the foreigners. But this is all made up, it is just stupid stuff. To scare you today, so that compliance you will play. They want you to begin the day with fear, and want you to walk around like deer. Instead of compliance it caused pain, instead of conformity it caused anger to stain. We all work hard and cry, yet pain is forced on us, as we wonder why. Life would better, if news, was only about happy weather. Life would be great, if we didn’t have to wait. Instead we could have fun, and try to live some. A day could be beautiful, a life fulfilling and mutual, If we worked for each other, instead of against one another.  We could address the needs, instead of greeds. We could fight for peace, instead of calling people freaks. We could care for the dead, instead of creating funeral beds. We could help the poor, and assist local stores. If we could clear our mind, from the evils behind, every ad we see, we could be who we want to be.

Holiday Beard

I’d like to tell the tale, of the man in beard, who wasn’t weird. He wore red, and rarely got out of bed. But one day a year, he spread cheer. A every kid had glee, as the presents dropped with speed, under your tree, and down the chimney. We all look up with amazement, where did he come from, our basement? After that days is done, he is tired from fun, and heads back home, all alone. Is he sad, that it is only one day? Or is it for generosity, he prays? The rest of the year is snow, the rest of the year, he gives no bows. The message he sends is of charity, the point he hopes to make is clarity, that you should give throughout the year, and always spread cheer. So that everyone can be happy, with hope, and not forced to mope. Because when you see that smile, you will be happy for a while, but you still need to do more. Go on to that next door, and treat every day, like it is a new chance to say: Generosity is here, lets spread the cheer!