The Time of Pangea

Let me tell you the tale of Pangea. It was a magical place where all the different countries where one. It was so unified even the water was one. Any one and everyone was one in the same. We all came together with out any pain. If you could be there, there would be no bear. Because anyone and everyone was one in the same.  We can work together as this example explains. Because anyone and everyone is still one in the same.

Equal Sum

I am not here for you! I am not here for food, except when at a restaurant. I am not here for violence! I am not being pious! Religion is your own and no one can say whether or not you believe the right way. I am not here pain! I am not here to maim! We all need to work together! We all need our feathers, to help us fly but not to lie. We all need some peace! We all need a good night sleep, no more strain on our brains because it just drains our passion for life and our happiness is right to make the world better not just for the one, but for every single person on the planet so they can have an equal sum.

Bloggers we need

Bloggers push forward, not just for me, Bloggers push forward we all need to read. Use your facts, not your feelings, use your education, not your procrastination. Use your eyes when they are clear, don’t try and get readers through fear. Say what is good, Say what is great, Say what you mean, Say what others create. Because with our Art, only if comes from our heart, not from the mart, can we make real our dream of all gaining all peoples esteem. This can be done with Peace, Generosity, Moxy, and Creation of things to benefit us all not just the mall.

Generous way

I wanna say F but that just means first. I wanna say SH but just means shirt. I wanna say crap but that is the body, this is not just obscenity it is simply an oddity. We can change or we can complain the same. We can move with our feet or our heart beat. We can get things done with positivity or we can go back with negativity. We can unravel the plan to keep us in place, if we go to our own commune and leave the rat race. We can make peace work again and maybe even find friends. Lets give it a chance and create the way to which we can work together in a generous way.


And now what I am thankful for. Thanks to the planet for nourishing me, Thanks to the family that puts up with me, Thanks to the woman that helps with my plight, Thanks to the technology that makes everything light. Thanks to everyone who has ever tried to make a change for the world, to move forward together again. Thanks to everyone who ever said peace with their money they chose to spend. Thanks to everyone who has ever cared, and please everyone else its time to care.

Heal the Cracks

I can’t seem to say enough in this way, that we all need to lead, and none of us impede. The growth of cooperation and the end to just nations. We are people in need and the planet we need is, being destroyed by us and turned into dust, lets all work together and make this place better, for not just our families but everyone in need. Then we can begin to see the cracks seal indeed not just for me but for the planet and our breed.

Cooperation is not a negotiation

My aching back! My troubled hands! It is this pain and torture I can’t stand! I want to move forward, with only love in my heart, but there is so much evil and it tastes so tart. Cooperation and love, and generosity above. It can’t be a negotiation it can only become, the thing we all need the cure it is indeed, a peaceful existence in which we can all get along ¬†with our resource based economy instead of a lawn.

The Way Out

Crap I say and it has only been one day. Please don’t take it away. I can seem to swim, but I can’t seem to sink. We all have this feeling at least I think. I use my mind, I use my heart, but all I get in return is a fart. Where is my kin, where have I been, who will listen, will my message glisten? Can anyone come forward can anyone find the corner of this reality I see which is evil vastly? When we find a way out then we will out shout. Why can’t that be today? Why can’t we find the way?